The Housing Market Is Still Insanely Over Priced Around Here

Just how crazy insane?

Get a load of this.

They are asking $215,000 for that.


$350,000 for this two bedroom.

But you say two bedrooms is too small?

You need 3?

Bend over baby.


You may notice that none of the three examples above are new construction.

I realize that a lot of my readers are around my age and I don’t want to be responsible for anyone having a heart attack.

You have been warned, proceed at your own risk.

This 4 bedroom?

They are asking $899,900.

A bit out of my reach.

So if you are like me, a cheap bastard without stupid amounts of money to throw at something and nowhere near 30 years left to maybe try and pay something off, you may try thinking about a “Manufactured Home”, you know, a house trailer.


Think again.

Take a wild assed guess, go ahead.





No way, $300,000?!

Nope, keep going.

You gotta be shitting me, $375,000?!



I shit you not.

For a 4 bedroom, Pre Manufactured Home, that at one time had a set of tires and wheels under it.

Even old beaters are going for over a hundred grand and then ya have that whole Trailer Park Nazi , HOA Karen type bullshit PLUS the damn monthly “Space Rental” that can easily run over a thousand fucking dollars a month around here.

I have literally seen HOA monthly fees around here over $800 A MONTH!

Insanity just doesn’t quite convey just how ridiculous housing has gotten and there is no end in sight for it yet.

I have absolutely no idea how people can afford that shit on the average Blue Collar wages I see people getting paid around here, including me.

32 thoughts on “The Housing Market Is Still Insanely Over Priced Around Here

  1. And we all know that property taxes get dragged along with the value of the property, eventually forcing old people out.
    I suspect these are flipped houses that (Berkshire Hathaway?) has been buying up all over the country.


    • I think it is Blackstone who’s doing all the buying. With the snake’s nest of interlocking companies, it’s anyone’s guess as to how they might be related to BH.

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      • Could be. All I know is I keep getting regular texts asking me if I want to sell my ex’s house.
        I do, but I haven’t done it even once, and I think I deserve some recognition for that.


        • I used to get texts and calls on a daily basis asking me to sell a small house I own. I told them sure I’ll take a million bucks cash. After about the tenth time they finally stopped.


      • Black Rock.

        Run by Larry Fink of the Van Nuys Finks, a “lifelong Democrat”.

        And of course he is. Didn’t take Early Life to figure that one out.


  2. Biggest reason why I can’t come home. I would have to live in the crawl space of your home and I still couldn’t afford the rent there…


  3. SoCal is even worse. Our little 3br, 1ba, 1169sqft house in Long Beach that we sold 4 years ago for $515k is now “worth” almost $800k!

    And in the 4 years we’ve lived here, our $375k place is now “worth” $620k. We put $50k into it, but still…


    • When I left Portland, Our $45K house in North Portland sold for $120K (back in 1999). Sure, we’d put a LOT of sweat equity in it, but the housing bubble was happening at that time.

      Now my $175K humble abode in Spokane Valley, built in 1954, can easily go for $400K+ (a realtor friend informed us…). We are always getting the “We buy Ugly Houses for CA$H!!” flyers in the mail every month. No thanks, where would I go?


  4. Sad! I wouldn’t even be able to afford the little crap shack on a good day. Not quite as bad here in the Shenandoah Valley but not far off either. I would also love for someone to explain how people can afford these houses on $15-20/hour jobs in addition to paying car loans, credit cards, phones, and everything else before you even get to utilities.


  5. This is what a ‘mania’ looks like, kiddos. Brace for impact.
    When the disk settles, you can scoop up any of this foreclosure-trash for pennies on the dollar.

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    • Wrong Blackrock will outbid you in their mass efforts to create a renter nation. 2008 was a trial run now they have perfected it. Down the rabbit hole yesterday I saw a video showing all the Blackrock people entangled in, around, over, under and through the .gov. If you did not know it blackrock advises the Fed on which ETF’s to buy. Wish I had the link sorry.


  6. They become cheaper, when the housing bubble bursts, the foreclosures start, and investors find how much of their money is tied up in crap loans.


  7. Recently a small house in Pt chevalier in North island nz, sold for $4.29m on an 800m2 block. The whole point is basically welfare area and now being gentrified. Here in OZ where I live 300km from the state capital Sydney NSW, houses have been recently going for $1.5m to $2.5m on small acreage because we are near Canberra, the nation’s capital. Ridiculous prices and unsustainable. All because the reserve is keeping the cash rate at %0.1.


  8. It’s a real estate bubble. Gonna burst soon.

    My house is 3650 square feet, red oak timber frame with a pool, koi pond, shed, 1800 square foot metal building, a gun range, an in ground pool, and a riding arena all on 31 acres, all forest. Surrounded by conservation property. Assessed just over $550K in Central Massachusetts. Paid off.

    Yeah, commie State but real estate is nowhere near ridiculous away from the cities (45 minutes away, 60 minutes to a major airport). An excess of great paying jobs too. I survive the wokeness by not having a TV, social media, neighbors or friends.

    Only the foolish are buying real estate now.


  9. Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha

    So dumb assholes will pay that too.
    Dumb Ass’s

    They aint worth HALF hell some not even a third of what there asking.


  10. Pretty sure your two-bedroom example was “manufactured”, aka a trailer without wheels, and crap-built from scratch out of ass and chinesium, with wiring and plumbing recovered from Mexican scrap yards and Haitian fall-overs.


  11. It’s a major part of the plan to keep all ordinary people as wage slaves, with a millstone of debt holding people down. Each wage-earning family *should* be able to have a house on a block big enough for kids to play, and the family to grow much of it’s own food. That such is simply impossible nowadays means that TPTB have little to fear from ordinary folk, who are forced to keep their heads down, trying to get by. If you must keep driving an older car nearly worn out, on almost bald tyres that you must wait ever longer to replace, you simply can’t afford enough good quality guns to arm the whole family, to thereby ensure their future freedom. So, both adults slowly killing themselves at crap jobs, that they can’t afford to walk away from, they can’t afford good healthcare or good food, their kids are indoctrinated by gubmint stooges at ‘schools’, and the only affordable relaxation for all is to plunk down in front of the TV, to watch lying liars lie their heads off. Golly gee, you’da thunk it was planned that way.


  12. Southern Missouri, Western Kentucky, and Northern Arkansas has the most house for the dollar in the nation. I have a friend that bought a 2200 sq ft house with a workshop of just under 1000 sq ft about 5 years before he retired. He financed it with his GI Bill with zero down. They would spend every 3-day weekend and all vacation time there getting it to be their retirement dream house. He retired last year. He sold his house for an accelerated price this past March and paid off his retirement home and bought a $150k Class A camper with some of the remainder.


  13. Housing in the western suburbs of Detroit (near our plant) go between 124 per sq/ft and 200 per square foot, and we are hiring!


  14. You almost have to go to Goldendale before prices get anywhere reasonable. Even that has been going up, just not nearly as fast. I’d love to sell my house, but unless I move far away from work, there is no advantage to it…


    • I was born in Goldendale.
      We and my Dad’s parents lived in a couple of tiny houses about a mile below the summit of Satus Pass. In 1950, those houses and the acreage might have gone for $5000 at most.

      If you meet anyone named Boardman there, odds are he/she is a relative.


  15. Hmmmmm….

    I’m about to list my 4 bedroom, 3 full bath, 2 kitchen, 3 living room, dining room, laundry room, 4 decks home on 3 acres up in the forest in Vermont for $345.

    Montpelier 20 minutes south, Burlington 40 minutes north…

    What am I doing wrong?


      • Well Phil, I just retired and I have obligations outside of Vermont. I’m also too old & broken down to keep this big old place clean never mind maintained, so we’ll see what happens. I’m not going to entertain any less than asking and contingencies? GTFO!

        Thanks for the advice tho’


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