16 thoughts on “The Best $3.49.9 He Ever Spent

      • 10 GPM is the max by, I believe, U.S. fire code. Tip: I you ever have resort to this method of thwarting a robbery, hold the nozzle horizontally to the ground. All nozzles manufactured for use in the USA have a mechanical shut off that doesn’t allow gasoline flow if the nozzle is held +/- 15Deg from horizontal.


      • I’d agree that this was probably diesel, usually a higher flow and more popular overseas. Good point Nemo, keep the auto shut-off from triggering. Also, i hope every municipality has let the vapor recovery nozzles be replaced. You know how hard it would be to run around pulling back a shitty useless boot?


    • Would you believe there was some dumbass Public Official (redundant, I know!), say, “Gosh, don’t DO something like that, it’s DANGEROUS!!” What a Dipstick.

      And it’s a pity it wasn’t gasoline. Van would’ve become a fuel-air bomb!

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