Let Me Put It This Way

If Biden can keep allowing hundreds of thousands of illegals to pour through our Southern border and then bus them at tax payer expense to dump out randomly all over the entire country, without even testing them for the Kung Flu let alone mandating that every single one of them gets this Jab they are so hot on all of us getting, you can go fuck yourself with it repeatedly if you think I’m letting anyone get near me with it.

15 thoughts on “Let Me Put It This Way

  1. Time to work is getting closer.

    These schleps from the Cult of Vax? At your door?
    They aint worth it. They aren’t worth pissing on let alone……. at that time.

    Dont walk into traps. There are already many.
    We will be seeing, Layered Traps, as the Commies become more Frustrated and Rage.

    Proceed with Caution and Strategic Thought.

    All good things come to those who wait.


    • ” … almost every single one of the 100 million unvaccinated Americans who hasn’t had COVID-19 yet will likely get it in the coming months, short of taking the sort of strong isolation and masking precautions that seem unlikely in the vaccine-hesitant population….” Ha! What a load of crap!


  2. this is what I believe:
    the point of the panic was to ramp up fear
    the point of ramping up the fear was to get you to take the needle
    the point of the needle is to render the population sterile
    the point of sterilizing us is we tend to think for ourselves

    they want to reduce the population, but they need workers
    the illegals are the replacement workers
    docile, non combative, not trained in and proficient with arms

    if you look at all the things our elite overlords have said and done, it all ties neatly together.


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