About Yesterday

Two words for it.

Shit Show.

The blower motor for the furnace shit the bed a couple weeks ago so we haven’t had any A/C in the house ever since.

It’s been in the 90’s around here too.

Something about it being late July/ early August, right?

I have been swamped busy and couldn’t make an appointment to have somebody come look at the thing and me be here at the same time until this last Monday.

This house gets pounded by the Sun all day when it’s hot like this and by early evening your damn tongue is hanging out and you are sweating just sitting here.

Thankfully The Wifely Unit has been spared most of it as she is over taking care of her Dad all week and doesn’t come home until Thursday afternoon but when she is here, she suffers hard.

So I sent an Email through the rental management outfits “Portal” and the lady got back to me at the end of the day Monday and said someone would be out to take a look at it.

That out fit called me Tuesday and said they would be out Wednesday morning at 8:00 AM.

As you may be aware, I work Swingshift.

I am usually dead to the world at 8 in the morning but I agreed to it but I did ask them to call me just before they got here to wake my ass up so I could go open the garage door and roll the freezer out of the way and kick a pathway to the furnace for the guy.

I have wheels underneath almost everything out there just for shit like this.

Phone rings at 7:45 yesterday.

I answer it and stagger out of bed. Go out in the garage and flip the breaker off for the furnace, grab a hand cart and roll a few items out into the driveway and roll the freezer back so the young guy can get to the furnace.

Nice kid. He takes a panel off and starts checking things. I went back in the house to get some coffee.

Come back out with the coffee and stand in the driveway sipping on it and having a smoke.

I’m talking to the guy as he does his thing.

Pretty soon he hooks up a jumper wire and the blower motor comes on.

He turns and says it’s working, kinda like , well you said it was bad and it isn’t.

I said, give it a minute. So he lets it run, unhooks it and hooks it back up.

This time when it starts up it’s howling like a mashed cat.

There ya go buddy.

Now he has to call the rental management place.

They say fix it.

Now he has to call and get a motor.

It’s clear the fuck over in Troutdale.

Across the bridge into Oregon, hang a left for ten miles.

Off he goes.

In the mean time while all this is happening, my Mom’s brother is in town briefly, coming back through from North of Seattle somewhere on his way back to Medford and we are trying to hook up.

He finally gets here with his little Filipino girlfriend, her kid and her Mom.

English isn’t their first language either.

So I’m trying to host this little gathering and deal with the A/C guy at the same time.

Me and my Uncle are going through a box of old pictures I just got that were my Dads and my Uncle is dashing all of my memories on the rocks and telling me stories I never heard or different versions of what I was told.

There is no A/C so his little crew are sitting around with fans going on I have drug out.

The A/C guy gets back.

I am loaning him tools to get to some hard to reach screws and such to help him out. This blower motor is buried behind a bunch of shit inside the sheet metal cover and is about 5 feet off the ground.

He get the fan shroud housing and motor out, I help him knock the squirrel cage off the fan motor shaft and he goes back to it.

Then I’m out having a smoke and talking to my Uncle when he mentions the brakes on the rig he is driving are making noise.

It’s a 2005 Dodge Durango sitting out in the street.

So I go peer through the openings in the wheel and bigger than shit the brake pads are gone and it’s metal to metal.

They still have a five hour drive to make.

I call up and get some brake pads set out and go get them. I paid for them because he is recently retired and has never had a bunch of money to begin with.

No biggie.I figure it’s the least I can do and it’s Family anyway.

I get the brake pads, pull the thing in the driveway and proceed to slap some new brake pads on this thing.

Meanwhile the guy working on the furnace is having trouble and is fighting this thing.

All this is going on and it’s getting closer and closer to the time I need to be going to work so I called my boss and told him I might be a little late. He was cool with it because I had warned him about this service call thing the day before.

I get the brakes done, the kid has the new motor in and wired up but it is making a weird howling noise.

So he’s on the phone to his boss. Because this is some strange 3 speed fan and he had it wired for High Speed, they decided to rewire it for Medium and try repositioning the housing to see if it’s a harmonics thing.

I am visiting with company in the mean time.

This guy finally gets the thing rewired and installed.

It’s working finally. My Uncle and his crew need to take off for this 5 hour drive home so I says my goodby’s and off they go.

It is now past the time I normally leave for work but I like to get there early anyway.

The kid is just putting the outer cover on when he says SHIT.

As in SHIT, this is bad.

He had neglected to secure and terminate some bare wires and dead shorted the brand new motor.

Killed it dead.

The $300 dollar electric motor he had to drive 40 minutes one way to go get.

It ain’t coming out of my ass pocket thank God.

He says if I can wait he can go get another one and finish it.

I says I have to go to work, be here at 8:00 tomorrow and bring a new motor.

He packs up, I stuff everything back in the garage, shut the door, grab my shit, get in the truck and take off hauling ass for work.

I got there with one minute to spare from being late and then of course there was something broke down so I was busy all night too.

The kid showed up at 7:45 again this morning.

I was half awake out moving shit out of the way and into the driveway again at 8:00.

It is now 9:15 and I can hear him out thrashing on this fan motor right now.

I told him the pressure is on now son.

The Wifely Unit is due home this evening and if that A/C isn’t working, I am giving her your phone number.

You REALLY don’t want that, OK?

So we shall see.

All I know is that I’m fucking tired man.

Two nights in a row getting my sleep cut short and dealing with a bunch of bullshit.

My lower back ain’t real happy with me either after wrestling those truck tires back on that Durango yesterday.

This just seems to be the way things work for me though.

Ain’t NOTHING ever easy.

17 thoughts on “About Yesterday

  1. I’ve noticed competence in the trades is steady flowing downhill for 10 or more years now. I don’t see it getting better anytime soon.


    • I agree with you. I recently retired and they hired a guy with “experience” to take my place. He didn’t know what a third of the stuff is he suppose to deal with. And then quit after 2 months.

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  2. Hey Phil, you maybe better make some more room out there to house a new wetback visitor. Herr Unfuck says that he’ll land in Mexico, then wade the Rio Grande to get into the US, now that he won’t get arrested. I suggested that he should get himself a strong tan first, just to make sure! Crank your barbecue up, so that Unfuck can cook up some bratwurst and schnitzles, and maybe beat out a sword for you too? Just keep an eye out for ICE and DHS agents maybe paying a visit too, they might like sauerkraut.


  3. Being’s how I worked HVAC (amongst a LOT of other trades) in the USAF, I wish I was closer to you so I could relieve the nastiness and assist you with your A/C! If wishes were horses…

    Hang in there, man!

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  4. Poor guy with his ’05 Durango. I have an ’02 that I rescued my son from. It reminds me of my ’55 Ford Ranch Wagon, so we’ve bonded but we’ve put $7k in it so far plus tires. If my wife and I weren’t Boomers (actually, I’m a Silent Gen, but I identify as a Boomer) who profited greatly from destroying civilization, we couldn’t afford to have an eighteen-year-old Durango. And to think I wanted a Jaguar.


    • I’ve got a 16 yo Jag S-Type 4.2. Needed a fuel pump, $970 for one year only part. Thing is it’s the only problem I’ve paid for. The rest of the Mickey Mouse crap was done under warranty. Great ride but it maybe a ticking time bomb.



      • Back in the 60’s I had a co-worker who had an E-type. When it came time for the rear brake pads to be replaced, the differential had to be dropped. Because of inboard brakes I guess. Can’t imagine the cost of that. When I was buying some MG part at the local dealer, I noticed that the labor rate for Jag’s was much higher per hour.


  5. In recent years I spent a large amount of money getting both air conditioner systems in the house replaced and I keep a maintenance contract on them with the company that installed them. Air conditioning is a matter of serious concern in Texas. Earlier this year they had come out and done the spring check up and all was good. 2 weeks later one of the units quit. The blower motor on the outside unit for half the house would try to start and then bog down and shut off. I called them and told them I either had a bad motor or a bad capacitor. The guy got here the next day and started looking at it and said he’d check the cap first. I went inside for something and by the time I got back outside he had removed the gecko that had shorted out the capacitor and was installing a new cap. That was one fried gecko. The A/C guy said it’s always geckos and this was his third one this week. The Mediterranean House Gecko is considered an invasive species around here and usually they don’t hurt anything. Usually.


  6. Fried Gecko, ummmm, tasty. Yeah, AC is life down here south of the Mason Dixon line. Units last about 5-7 years due to duty cycle of running non-stop almost every day of the year.



  7. Capacitor. They’ll start (sometimes) but a bad cap is almost as bad as a motor noise wise. And it’s a shit ton cheaper to try a cap first, since I’ve had blower motors last 40yrs (parents house) and 20 for mine. Evaporator fan is once every 5 years, being it’s outside and under a pine tree.


    • Agreed. The capacitor is the easy, cheap fix – do it first. THEN, and only then, move on to the motor. The fuse will usually blow under a “locked rotor” condition unless the motor can actually get up enough rotation to quit drawing excessive amps. Had my A/C do that two years ago until I got smart and looked at the (now bulging) cap!


  8. Damn you write well. Been bringing me back for years now.

    We have trades here in the pucker brush but they’re all buried in two years worth of work minimum. Farmers fabricators and the jury riggers aren’t the cause do I suspect it’s the old timers needing help and the newcomers that haven’t been killed off by one of the tick fevers (Oh our state wildlife office has announced a new breed of tick is here. Asian horned tick or some such. Affects the cows. Damn and I had acid producing mold spores for 2021). The people who can are sharpening their long lost skills and are going back to fixing things themselves. Picking your own cotton. I’m long duct tape and baking wire.

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      • What got me was Phil’s one moment of peace at the beginning of the new shit show is: standing out in the morning, down the driveway drinking coffee and smoking a cig. A classic. Ten bucks says he was looking away. I find when I’m in the shit I just fall back on my tried and true, turn off all emotion. Phil is epic.

        Just remember Phil, when you get to that bigger place there will be no need for it to have a workshop. Men will park for miles and walk in to build you one.


  9. That’s terrible. Then again shit happens to everyone and if that’s the worst you are dealing with right now then you are lucky.


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