Forcing Someone To Choose Between Getting Jabbed With An Experimental Gene Therapy With Known Side Effects Or Losing Their Job Is Absolute Tyranny

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37 thoughts on “Forcing Someone To Choose Between Getting Jabbed With An Experimental Gene Therapy With Known Side Effects Or Losing Their Job Is Absolute Tyranny

  1. Here’s some “stuff” I found this morning that may help:

    Start here:

    Check out this form letter:

    Click to access 609462860f3394d5991a85fd_Employee-Form-Covid-Injections.pdf

    Now for full disclosure. I’m not a lawyer, I don’t play one on Teewee and I didn’t sleep in
    a holiday inn express last night. So, YMMV

    I bookmarked all the stuff above to delve into deeper when I get a chance.

    Maybe someone reading this is more of a “legal scholar” and can shed some light on the above.


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  2. My current place of employment is on it’s last legs, try finding a job without “proof of vaccination.”



  3. Why would ‘vaccinated’ people worry about unvaccinated?

    Why are millions pouring over the border not being tested or vaccinated and being shipped to red states like dem governors placed infected into nursing homes ?

    Why are 7,000 border crossers, who the dems dropped into McAllen, TX now testing positive for it now that they’re there and having to be taken care of by Texas resources?

    It must be because the government is concerned about the virus right ? 🙂


  4. Look how fast Folks gave up their Rights, most won’t give up their jobs, when push comes to shove. A sad state of affairs…..But I sure hope that I’m wrong!


  5. Maine’s largest employer Maine Health, that all medical providers in the state of Maine have to be affiliated with, and run by the sister of our despot governor, just declared that anyone within their system who did not get the jab would be terminated by Oct 1.


    • Ascension St. John hospital group Tulsa last week declared the same. I know of another one in the east of Merica has done the same. Plus what Cederq said below.
      Be healthy by October if you can its gonna be a disaster in those hospitals.

      The way I understand it most nurses are on contract and when they get tossed they will go to a friendly hospital without an issue as the news around here is there is a severe shortage with many taking time off from burnout during the last year.


      • Unfortunately here in Maine (read Komifornia lite) that is not an option. All medical providers have to be affiliated with one of of two major medical outfits. Its all part of the obummercare CF they foisted on us a few years ago. Kinda like this has all been part of the plan from the get go eh? Both, Maine Health and Northern Lights have said get the jab or get terminated by Oct 1. That’s 25K medical staff just under the Maine Health umbrella. Likely double that if you include Northern Lights. Vaccination rates run about 80%. That means about 8 to 10K medical staff getting terminated. Good news is that there appears to be some push back from the smaller outfits like nursing homes and home health agencies that are already short staffed. Suffice to say my wife has been a physical therapist for 25 years. We’ll see how far they push this. Our only option would be to leave the state. And as appealing as that is right now its not a viable choice with two sets of elderly parents that need looking after.


  6. What .govs and businesses don’t understand are the repercussions of firing workers. Small acts of sabotage that adds up to large sums of money spent to repair and no one around to repair because of institutional memory and skills. Large acts of arson, whole buildings going up, people going postal. With thousands of acts a day and over the course of months there is no way to investigate all of them and if the affected people are smart will leave their cell phones home and shut their mouths. Families and friends refusing to talk to the po-lice. Say nothing, insist on your remain silent and I wanna talk to a lawyer and since I am un-employed ya gotta provide me one. flood the system and have it come crashing down around their ankles. All hypothetical of course, something that COULD happen….

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  7. Is that outfit suggesting that you’re going to have to make a choice sometime soon?

    One of my former employers was British-owned, so it wouldn’t surprise me to learn that they’ve already told their people to take the shot or take a hike.


    • So far I haven’t heard them say it. Wouldn’t surprise me if they tried but they don’t have enough people as it is so it would be self inflicted suicide.
      I’m not sure if they would have anyone left in maintenance at all if they did try.


  8. Cederq, I understand precisely what you’re saying, but, being the paranoid I am, I also understand that Nancy’s Capitol Police and a U.N. peacekeeping force are but a phone call away and there are presently a lot of newly-arrived people who’d be very happy to take over your now-empty home.


  9. With all the boldness these fuckers are coming up with, wouldn’t surprise me to get a letter from the social security saying: we can’t deposit your check this month with out proof you took the covid jab.


  10. I have the utmost empty for everyone that has to have a job working for someone else. I got to the point that I’m retarded, er, I mean retired, and now just play on the farm trying to raise stuff to you know, contribute to feeding the world.
    1st, it’s none of their business whether you have the vaccine or not, it’s private medical info that no employer is privy too.
    2nd, it’s illegal to hire vaccine immunized over none immunized. It’s discriminatory hiring practices. Lawsuits are the result. Same as hiring one race over another.
    3rd, let them fire you for not getting the vaccine, then sue the living dogshit out of them for discrimination.
    4th, If they threaten you to tell them whether you have the vaccine or not tell them, through a lawyer preferably, that you also want them to list everyone that has also had HIV, or any other communicable diseases.


  11. Already told my boss if they mandate the damn thing, they’ll be looking for a new mechanic. There are 14 aircraft mechs in the state for this company; 9 of us would walk away based on what I’ve gleaned. Good luck keeping your airplanes in the air…


    • LM is looking for Aircraft Mechs to build F-16’s in Greenville S.C. – The production line is re-opening. You can search it on-line.


  12. They try that with me and I leave and take all my tools with me. There are only four other people in the Province with the same qualifications as me, they are even more redneck than me and in their seventies – they would just walk out and retire. The next generation are still four years away, and that is one guy.
    A ton of shit would grind to a halt if one of them gets pissed off and decides it’s better to go on a permanent fishing trip. They will end up needing to hire at least five people for each of those old guys, about three for what I do.
    I ain’t rich, but I ain’t afraid to say fuck ’em.


  13. the thing about conspiracy theories: you have to believe just one thing that’s hard to swallow. once you choke that down, the conspiracy theory answers everything and all the pieces fit

    this is my belief: pediatrician is going to have a new definition in about a year: “nothing to do”, because COVID vaccines will do precisely what they are intended to do: render the population sterile

    they obsess about jabbing Americans because they want to get rid of us

    the illegal immigrants are our replacements. they don’t get jabbed because they will be more docile

    our so called elites have been calling for population control for how long?

    how hard is it to believe that they are sneaky conniving evil shits?


    • Don’t forget all the heart problems that are going to crop up in the General Population (that got jabbed) in a few months/years. Some crippling, some fatal.

      It’s not NICE to screw with Mother Nature!


  14. I’m one of those Gubmint parasites. I’ll have 25 in come next June and be able to retire. I have enough vacation and other time off saved that If I can hold out until April1, I’ll toss ’em the keys and go on permanent vacation.


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