10 thoughts on “Ya Missed A Spot

  1. I had to go to Guam to conduct some specialized training for the Navy. I had to attend their “train the trainer” training. Two things I remember from that experience:

    1) it’s not a “white” board (which is racist) but an “erasable marker board”
    2) erase up and down, not side to side, so you ass doesn’t wiggle. You might be sending sexual signals.

    #1 – white is the mixture of all colors, how can that be racist?
    #2 – not me! But maybe there is truth to the rumor that 150 sailors submerge a sub but 75 couples surface it?

    If Russia/China ever get into a shooting war with us we will be in deep trouble. The wokeness is killing our military. Very sad.


  2. I had a teacher like her in engineering school, teaching an insanely complex class. That looks a lot like her, the view I remember most from that class.


  3. Had a calculus teacher that was hotter, and shorter, and wrote on a chalk board, and liked dark tops. So, yes, about 15 minutes into class she had white areolas.

    She was also a PhD, with two Masters, working on her 2nd PhD, working at NASA and teaching and was 19 years old.


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