Why I Hate Newer Cars Part Infinity

One more completely unnecessary bullshit electric gizmo to take a shit and cost $495 to fix when it fucks up.

13 thoughts on “Why I Hate Newer Cars Part Infinity

  1. Remember the plastic strip that would go on the edge? This thing is absurd. Though I wish everyone who parked near me had one. These fucks running around today think nothing of damaging your car in a parking lot.


  2. My wife encouraged me to get a second ’79 K-20 a week ago. For parts and the plow (rust-free frame, engine-driven hydraulics with quick-disconnects say “accessorize with hydraulic jacks and maybe a hoist”).

    What’s this mythical “10mm” everyone keeps talking about?


  3. It was my first thought too, Phil. Just more crap to break, costing money to fix.
    What if it fails to retract (and it will!), how will you get the door closed? I bet in the wintertime it’ll be a hoot! Freezing rain? Fuhgeddaboudit!


  4. Still reading the 1″ thick owners manual on the new TRD Off Road 4WD Tacoma. Holy shit! This vehicle is definitely over teched. I do miss the manual shift lever for the transfer case in the old truck. Nothing like having two shift levers! The owners manual instructions for engaging crawl mode are actually wrong. Had to go find a YouTube. Meanwhile Son #1 took the 2003 with 260,000 miles on it and drove it from North Texas to a cyber security conference in Vegas last night with no issues. I do like my Toyotas but they can be weird about certain things. Some have bad capacitors in the voltage control circuit of the ECU. The air conditioner blowers go out on all of them in time. The 2003 Tacoma will occasionally just blow up one of its 3 spark plug wires. You never ever want to let a Toyota get overheated. You also need to be damn careful torqueing bolts into those aluminum heads. I think I’ve just gotten used to the eccentricities.


  5. All this modern bullshit vehicular progression can be easily replaced with a 1948 Dodge One Ton flatbed. You’ll still get to your destination, maybe won’t be as cool and comfortable, those are overacted anyway, but you’ll still get there, AND have a hell of a lot more fun doing it.


  6. Yeah, I’m not getting rid of my 68 Mustang anytime soon. I can fix the damn thing if it breaks; out 2013 Honda Accord, not so much.


  7. That was thought up by the same committee that designed the auto-deploy passenger restraint. It erupts from the bottom seat cushion.


  8. Last year, I decided to buy a beater for commuting, so I went to my dealer and said I want the cheapest relatively recent used pickup they have. After hemming and hawing a little, they showed me a pickup that had only power steering, automatic transmission, AC and a radio, with 60,000 miles on it. They had only gotten it in that day, and it hadn’t even been cleaned up yet. It was the only vehicle on the lot that didn’t have power windows — I have to roll them up and down like I did when I was a teenager. No bluetooth, no “climate control,” no video for backing up, no external temperature monitor, no voice from the sky for $20/month, no smarter-than-you gizmos, no bed liner. Vinyl seats. No electronic fob (though I later found out I could order one). I told the dealer I was amazed that such a stripped down truck still was made. He said that Chevy makes them for fleets for industrial use, but generally doesn’t sell them new directly through dealerships. If it had come with a manual transmission, I would have been in heaven. From now on, I’m looking for fleet trucks.


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