A Real Fart Smeller


A fresh graduate from Mt. Hood Community College, a two year school, after being there three.

I started out in General Automotive, went there a whole year, then an exclusive two year program sponsored by Ford Motor Company called the ASSET Program started a new class.

I got invited to join, it was only open every other year to 24 people and you had to get a dealership to sponsor you.

You went to school for three months with a credit load that made it full time and a half. Something like 18 credits . Then you worked in the dealership for three months, got paid for it and college credit too. That alternated for two years.

I also worked at the dealership on Saturdays.

When it was all said and done,with me being there for three full years, I graduated PHI THETA KAPPA, with honors, made the Deans List at least four times, got included in a book I still have around here somewhere called Who’s Who In American Junior Colleges, and had a Grade Point Average of 3.7.

All while being half drunk the whole time.

As a matter of fact, I was about half shit faced in that picture.

Kinda makes ya wonder what I could have done if I had actually applied myself.

11 thoughts on “A Real Fart Smeller

  1. Good pic and story Mr. Genius. I weren’t near that smart in college. Found a college pic of my wife this week. Texted it to her and the kids. Her, “where’d you get that?” Said I was treasure hunting.

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    • I have been going through at least a thousand pictures that were my Dad’s that my Step Mother had that had never been gone through after he died.
      Clear back before I was even born.
      It’s trip seeing my life looking backwards all the way to right after I was born.


    • No, none of those. I’m the guy who those people call because they can’t change a fucking light bulb, change a tire or rebuild their engine, smart ass.


      • People in the skilled trades used to have a firmer grasp on reality. My grandfathers (IBEW and IAM) would have never voted for a Republican much less fallen for the former guy.


  2. No matter what – congratulations to making it to 60, that my friend is an effing achievement. Putting bread on the table is the bonus.

    Pretty much did same work/study for 7 years to get a BSEE debt free. And yeah, we’s the ones that get called for anything more technical than flipping a switch or pumping gas by most hippies and progeny.

    Then there is my daughter, fearless to dive into anything mechanical but still needs occasional bailing out, like how to clean out the brake reservoir of PS fluid (oops). .


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