14 thoughts on “WANT!!!

  1. gee, i don’t know. maybe a couple of high pressure pumps, fuel lines and a pair of those neat
    benzomatic torchs near the outlets ? . i know they made zippo tanks in ww2 and used them up
    to vietman seems doable to me. and i think i saw a sf anti car jacking gizmo like this once
    need to find a way to light the fuel ,must be some thing we could use

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    • There is one way: tert-Butylithium is a clear pyrophoric liquid. Pyrophoric means it ignites when exposed to air. All you gotta do is rig up a nozzle to spray a little out. That’s actually how they ignite some of the big rockets. You can order it on line. Don’t. It’s bad shit and people have been killed. You can go look up the UCLA Chemical fire.
      Fast Forward to about 1:43:

      Thus endeth todays chemistry lesson
      “how to light stuff”

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  2. Unfortunately, the kit is as yet unavailable. I do have some plans for a battle platform that will fit your mid-model Chevy with a pair of remote-controlled 5.56 mini guns and a sliding tray to assist on brass retention and disposal.
    Batteries are not included, some restrictions apply, not suitable for use by children under the age of thirty. Do not use while taking drugs or excessive amounts of alcohol. Approved hearing protection recommended.


  3. Such a toy WOULD come in handy during the lefts next episode of “reindeer games”. However unless done properly and used under the correct conditons it would be awful easy for the occupants of such a vehicle to roast themselves by accident.


  4. You can pull gas directly from your fuel tank. Spark gap igniters are so easy to make, it’s not funny. Buy a high-pressure fuel pump from any car performance place, play with the jets.
    Really, it’s easy-peasy to do this!


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