The Maricopa County/ Dominion Voting Machine Debacle May Have Just Been Blown Wide Open By A Dominion Whistle Blower Who Had Access To Everything

There were subpoenas that were set to expire today to get the passwords and the routers that these Assclowns have been protecting from exposure at all costs.

All that may have just been made moot.

14 thoughts on “The Maricopa County/ Dominion Voting Machine Debacle May Have Just Been Blown Wide Open By A Dominion Whistle Blower Who Had Access To Everything

  1. What, exactly, is the story here? A checklist (and normal looking). what exactly is the psoter trying to infer happened?

    A bunch of text and such, but no explanation


    • How to’s on bios and passwords on dominion owners/users manuals. One screen is login/passwords for systems. If this is fact, it’s over. Period. Literally across the US/World where anyone used Dominion systems will now have access to the computers in their entirety.
      In other words, nothing is hidden any longer.


  2. I have to cry bullshit here. The posted docs are lightly modified standard procedures from Dell (they have iDRAC and PERC products. I see a few usernames but no passwords at all. You can find instructions on how to modify the BIOS password on the Internet, this isn’t SecretSquirrel restricted information. If the source actually has passwords then they have something, but these document images don’t show much of anything.


    • It only means something if these are, in fact, the manuals for the Dominion hardware/servers, and that no one in the election offices is on record saying anything that’s contrary to what are in the manuals.


  3. Irrelevant. Anyone with the IQ of a soap bubble ALREADY knows the left cheated on an epic monumental scale to steal the election. All the proof on the planet isn’t going to change a damn thing. The left OWNS the media, academia, the JustUs Department ( who would be the people responsible for investigating such a crime), Big Tech and about 90% of the judges in America. There is NOBODY LEFT in a position to do a damn thing about the crime. Want justice? Saddle up, sack up, step off the porch and start hunting Demonrats. That is the ONLY way that they will EVER face any type of justice now.


  4. Well, with all due respect, wake me up when anyone on the left even gets indicted over anything. There’s been plenty of evidene over a great many things and people and nada.


  5. Today we learn what has been clearly evident all along. TPTB will shrugg off the whole shebang and continue unimpeded raping and pillaging us of all our freedoms and shredding our constitutional inheritance.


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