12 thoughts on “Tips For Fertilizing Your Garden

  1. Damn all this new fangled technology.
    That’s what I’ve been doing with all my fish heads and entrails.
    Guess one is never too old to learn.
    I’ll keep checking back for all the new tips and suggestions your providing.

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  2. Makes sense.
    I’m more Liquify them kinda guy.
    Wash them away.
    I take delite in the thought of washed away like dog shit or puke that they are.

    Somethin i read the beaner cartels do.
    Struck me as proper.

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  3. Miss Sandy, you hear many different foreign accents from among the nursing staff in Queensland hospitals. Women come here (pre COVID) for the laidback lifestyle and decent pay (about US$75,000 annually for a ward nurse), and the clean-living hunky blokes*, as not all chicks get to have a Marine for a husband, as you do. I don’t suppose you’d pass on to me the contact details of your expatriate former colleagues, or rellies, now living in the far north of my state? I’d make it my duty, as a gentleman, to welcome such ladies to Cairns. *like me, for instance.

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  4. Gee, Phil, if things kick off soon, as predicted by many, the bodies will be a litter and health problem. The dead will need strata-titled burial plots to fit them all in!

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  5. In my AO the local rivers are cold enough that nothing rots so the bodies just bounce along the bottom and will be stripped by sand fleas with the bones scattered across ~1k miles before they hit the Pacific.

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