They Are Little, So I Took Two

We just got home a bit ago so after unloading the vittles out of the trunk, I sat down out front to have a smoke and realized I’m fucking tired.

After working all week and then having to get up yesterday and start getting ready to go to The Wifely Unit’s parent’s place for her Mom’s celebration of life gathering, winding up staying there visiting until nine last night and then coming home,getting things settled and taken care of, it was ten fucking thirty before we got to sit down and chill out.

Then I got to deal with the invasion of the militant lesbian trolls that suddenly appeared in the comment sections out of the blue with their special flavor of insanity.

I finally had enough of that shit and fired up the Spam Remover 2000 at wide open throttle.

Then first thing this morning, Wife wants to go out for breakfast.

Something we haven’t been able to do basically since this Plandemic bullshit started.

OK, we went out to eat. Then to Fred Meyers, then across to Portland to get smokes, then to Wally World to get groceries and suddenly it is two thirty on Sunday afternoon and I pretty much have been on the go since last Monday.

Then I find out there isn’t anything cold to drink here because we took it all over there yesterday so I fired up the Sprite and ran up to the Quicky Mart to grab something for right now until the stuff we just bought has time to get cold.

I just kicked my damn shoes off and am going to sit here on my dead ass and absolutely fucking vegetate for a while, maybe even take a nap.

She has to go right back over there in a couple hours to keep an eye on her dad all week but that mostly involves sitting on her ass watching television.

There is no end of shit that needs doing around here but I need some down time. Running all over the place and dealing with the after effects of two relatives dying a week and a half apart has taken it’s toll.

They have both been laid to rest and the ritual gatherings of remembrance have been completed.

I can finally squeeze in a little time to do nothing and I am doing just exactly that.

19 thoughts on “They Are Little, So I Took Two

    • Why after Phil?

      I’m guessing because he’s popular/visible.

      I said in the original thread but will repeat here. (Sorry if I’m wasting your electrons, Phil.) My guess is:

      1. That “accidentally leaked” gmail address was bait to get the naive to contact them (it’s almost certainly several people, not an actual individual human) and hopefully self-dox.

      2. They’re gathering hostile responses in comments in hope of getting Phil shut down as some sort of “Hate Site”.

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  2. You drove the Sprite?? Good for you. And it even sounds like it didn’t take a dump and leave you stranded.

    And for Pete’s sake take a break, Phil!

    We’ll be here patiently waiting until you’re rested up. Or is that riled up?

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  3. fuck the trolls ! stop and just enjoy the sunset. remember one thing, you got to love how the trolls
    can’t stop freaking out over anything you write or say. I always hope the fuckers die of high blood pressure or get a stroke or something myself.

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  4. By all means get some rest, you deserve it. All will be patiently waiting for your return once you’ve recharged the batteries a bit. Why is it folks tend to pass on in groups? do they need the company?

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