6 thoughts on “Now Ya Know Where Shooting Stars Comes From

  1. Well we are entering the Perseid meteor shower, biggest of every year if you care to gaze at the night sky. Peak is in a few days. Discovered this fly fishing with Dad in the Rockies when a teenager.


  2. Years ago, I bought an Armalite AR-50 that came with around 300 rounds of ammo, including 50 or so tracers.
    We waited until dusk and fired carefully into a plowed field, about 1/2 mile distant. The first tracer arced beautifully and then skipped off the dirt and WAY over the next riseā€¦
    We packed our shit and headed out but fast.


    • Was out shooting with a buddy with his ’43 Kar 98 and a pile of 8mm surplus when I saw an upper branch on an oak about 100 yards past our “backstop” get nipped off like an invisible set of scissors clipped it. Hollered cease fire and and didn’t shoot there again till we got a dozer and plowed up an actual ten foot tall backstop into the hill. Ain’t nobody wants to be that guy.


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