5 thoughts on “Gettin’ Real Tired Of The Stupid Here

  1. Memo from company mgt today included the following lines:

    I am disappointed to review data that indicates that the number of employees not wearing masks does not correlate with the percentage of teammates that have self-certified their vaccination stays. In other words, the number of unmasked employees is greater than the number of self-certified vaccinated employees. This indicates that either employees are not vaccinated and not wearing masks or employees are vaccinated but do not care to self-certify. Regardless, this is troubling and does not meet my expectation to Do What’s Right.

    The self-certification options are basically, yes, no, nearly done, planning to do, and I decline to answer at this time. The company mandated last month that employees make a selection.

    The use of “do not care” in the memo was deliberate IMO.

    I expect mandatory vaccination requirement next month. This is wrong. It is not Doing What’s Right. It is pressuring employees to get an experimental treatment with poor efficacy, and unknown long term effects against a disease most under 65s will survive ok.

    I will lose my livelihood if I do not comply and my wife is pressuring me not to refuse, but if I don’t stand up for this, then what else is next?


    • Sorry to hear that John. One of our main hospitals in the Asension system announced last week vax would be mandatory. I have heard about another system in the east of our country doing the same. These are mostly doctors run by doctors who won’t use HCQ or other treatments if they work. Not as smart as they think they are, hope those pushers all die from the vax. May the nurses rise up in mass and tell them to go fuck themselves but that leaves the patients in a quandary. I would rather die because they did if it came to that.


  2. Nuance is hard but I’ll try.
    Vaccines are not 100% effective. Over 1000 vaccinated people have died out of 600,000 total covid deaths.
    The more the virus spreads, the more it mutates. A variant could arise for which a vaccine is less effective or not effective at all.
    Kids can get covid, not many, but over 300 have died.
    Conditions change. More or less is not all or nothing.


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