It Works But It’s Bugging Me

Yeah I know, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it but every time I see the one in the middle kick off to the left after the bullet has been started it bugs me.

The OCD of the mechanic’s world I guess.

11 thoughts on “It Works But It’s Bugging Me

  1. Phil, strictly speaking, it’s not the function of the assembly machine to insure it is exactly straight. It’s the job of the GUN.


  2. That’s why BR people 1) don’t buy boxed ammo, 2) use the correct neck expander on the decapping pin so that you get appropriate neck tension without doing bullshit like factory crimps, and 4) rotate that cartridge 90 degrees as you BUMP that projectile in with a hand press. You also drill out, if necessary, the collet in the bullet seating die so that it centers the bullet correctly (if you doing high sectional density pills). Otherwise, shoot at 6 MOA, which is fine for refrigerators and microwaves.


  3. Odd Russell as the Militaries of the WORLD use “Boxed Ammo” including their snipers and designated marksmen. I’m pretty sure the Olympic Shooters use “Boxed Ammo” and am VERY SURE my local SWAT Team uses “Boxed Ammo” for their operations including counter sniper team. Rather expensive “Boxed Ammo” but still…. Not HANDLOADS.

    6 MOA is roughly 6 inches at 100 yards and I don’t have to much trouble getting 4 inch groups with “Boxed Ammo” at my 200 yard deer rifle range. So what MOA would that “Boxed Ammo” be giving me with that group at 200 yards, SIR?

    BTW I use 200 yards as that is the farthest I’ve ever ID’ed a Deer for my freezer, in my wooded and hilly area. My freezer stays full, how about yours dear Hand loader?


  4. I’m not an expert at hand loading so I have no advice..but when I put a 140 grain accuebond on top of 63 grains of Reloader 19 I get sub MOA at 100 yds from my Tikka T3 in 270 WSM..But that’s just me.


  5. The shells lean to the left a bit as the machine advances because the shell holder (which you can’t see) holding the base is slightly loose by design. The seating ram is definitely deliberately tapered inside so the bullet and case shift to its center as the ram comes down. The shake is an indication that the machine is properly designed.


  6. A lot of factory loads are built/designed around the loading process as much as the guns they will shot in.
    I load a lot still. Used to shoot 15k + yr, old age and arthritis have slowed me down considerably but still shooting 8k+ yr.
    Own 3 progressive presses, Dillon 1050’s. Its not rocket science to load really good ammo taylored to your guns.
    I’d wager all the top pistol shooters and 95% of precision rifle shooter load their own and lot of that loading done on progressive/automated machines.

    Phil, I do spend a lot of time and effort making sure the cases don’t wiggle enough to cause powder to jump out of the cases. Some presses are much smoother than others out of the box others not so much.

    Google Camden loaders, lower end production machines.
    Love reading your stuff!

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