60 thoughts on “Doin’ It Right

  1. 2 ways this could roll. 1) Don’t, you’ll muss my make up (or hair or nails) and the winner 2) , we are not done yet. We have all afternoon. Whatever, she is one very beautiful woman.


  2. Hey Phil, quite the collection of trolls you have mustered. God forbid they actually do something worthwhile like get a job and host their own website. Maybe it time to start banning the ass-clowns. With that said, hey Sara P. Quiet down and make me a sandwich.


  3. This is just absolutely the most fun I’ve ever had on the internet.
    Phil, I guess that this is just the price you’ve got to pay now that you’re famous.


  4. All this “Sarah Posa” and JND-R business just reeks of info gathering.

    That address wasn’t leaked by accident. It’s bait for those foolish enough to use an identifiable account to contact whoever the “Sarah Posa” is/are (bet on the plural — at least several persons, not a single person.)

    Also, you can bet that they’re gathering “hostile, racist, misogynistic” responses in the comments in hopes of getting Phil shut down as a “Hate Site”.


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