65 thoughts on “Oh, My, Goodness!

    • Why, yes, I am… wanna try some special misogynist loving from a slightly chunky old fart? I have to ask, is Diaz and Rivera the names of both your husbands? Or, you are bi-polar and that is your two egos competing for dominance? You liberals are so confusing, you keep changing your views as fast as CNN changes the narrative and lies.


      • 1. I’m not married.
        2. I don’t have bipolar disorder but there is nothing wrong with having a mental illness.
        3. I’m not a liberal. I’m a Democratic Socialist.

        This post is still misogynist and it contributes to violence against women, not that a bunch of Republican rapists care. Fuck you.


        • Honey?
          There is a little red X up at the top of your monitor. Click on it and stay gone. I don’t give a Rats Ass what you do and don’t like so coming here and pitching a bitch fit is a complete waste of time.


        • Feel free to stop on by and I’ll take ya up on your offer.
          Let me know when you’re close and I’ll put the dog in so you can make it down the driveway. You’ll like her. She has exquisite taste in music. Just ask Phil.
          I only have water and whiskey to offer, so you bring your wine coolers when you come.

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        • Have you seen or heard of any violence toward any woman or even a man on this blog? What da fuck is a “Democratic Socialist?” Sound like a dyed in the wool communist to me. Seem funny, the star of the post was a female, appears to be flirting and being coy and with a smile and a flip of her head as she skirts away seemly unafraid of the person trying to grab that beautiful ass. Do you have a beautiful ass xr jenny nikky diaz/rivera? ‘cuz I ain’t gonna want to fuck you unless you have a beautiful ass and you beg me for it…


      • I want to know why a liberal feminist is visiting a blog dripping with testosterone and brimming with real men and masculine males. Surely ms hyphen would find her safe space at a soy boy, tight jean, man bun wearing, beta cuck blog.

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  1. ‘I’m not married’. I wonder why? Is it due to your purple hair, land whale mass?

    ‘Nothing wrong with having a mental illness’. Wrong. Too many participation trophies handed out.

    ‘I’m a Democratic Socialist’. You think that sounds better than liberal? Lol!

    I’m thinking you just need to be fucked by a real man.

    There is nothing
    misogynistic about this post. Grow thicker skin bitch!

    Violence against women?! Obviously you have never had admiration and appreciation of your physical form. Again, purple haired land whale. I’ve never had violence perpetrated against me. Grow longer toenails bitch.


  2. No. Men should have nice things. Prefer the man dominates and controls. You have simply not met the correct woman. We are not all bad.


  3. Sad post. This guy probably has a huge truck to cover up for his small dick. But what do I know, I’m gay as fuck 👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨✨😌


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