6 thoughts on “Make Your Own Call

  1. i work with an o-6, he’s been mobilized with his unit to go to iraq. but joe biden just said he’s pulling out of iraq by january. but my colonel is still deploying, where? the rest of the state natty guards are deploying to kosovo FOR A YEAR at the same time. TWO BATTALIONS. leaving my state defenseless? my theory, they aren’t going anywhere oconus at all, but are deploying to another state for the big shebang thats coming. if tptb told them the truth, they wouldn’t show up. this is it folks. best get your mind around what’s coming and what we’re going to have to do. remember solzaneitzan’s words: “oh how we burned in the camps, knowing that if just one of us had met the stazi at the door with a gun or a pitchfork none of this suffering would have happened. very soon the machine would have run out of people willing to go out at night to arrest us.” paraphrased, look it up, you’ll get the picture. God help us. let’s not burn in the camps. there are fates worse than death.


    • We have God on our side. No reason to be afraid. Only brave and willing to do to them what they are planning to do to us!


  2. anybody remember the show “person of interest”. the machine is operational. every scenario has been played out in movies and tv 15 years b4 it happens, right by the script. surreal.


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