Time To Get Serious

Just as of late, like the past two days, I have been seeing a whole shit load of people warning that the shit is going to really hit the fan within the next six months for sure but more like in the next couple of months it’s going to start and then get worse.

Rumintel that the upper to mid level military officers are telling their people to get squared away and procure any and all things needed to get by for An Entire Year type shit for one thing. Also telling them to get their families moved NOW to somewhere that they can be considered safe for a long period of time.

More stirrings and rumbling about even more screw tightening by FedGov regarding Kung Flu restrictions, up to and incIiding the dreaded Vax Passport being required to travel anywhere, even intra state.

It seems like I’m not the only one hearing these things either.


As usual your mileage may vary but I have been fully expecting TPTB to go Full Fucking Retard for a long time now. They refuse to quit flogging this Plandemic shit and are about to go all in because they are under the gun timewise. There’s just too many things that are falling into place lately that are highlighting not only their illegitimacy but especially their competency.

Feel free to take this with a grain of salt and write it off as that crazy bastard Phil letting his paranoia rum amok again.

As for myself, I’m going to trust my guts.

24 thoughts on “Time To Get Serious

  1. You do not talk about fight club.

    Trust your gut Phil, you are absolutely on the right track.

    Son recently asked me why I needed so many rolls of toilet paper. I asked him why he and his father needed so many rounds of .223 and 5.56. Shut the bitch right up.

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  2. The day of reckoning from printing quadrillions of debt is nigh. All the cool kids have figured operation warp speed out. That leaves Bolsheviks coming door to door for justice and spoils.

    But hey, the middle class was always an experiment, along with self government. Looks like civilization is headed back to Lords and Serfs for a while.

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    • The Rothschild’s Bank explained in a letter to its New York agents:

      “The few who understand the system will either be so interested in its profits, or so dependent on its favors that there will be no opposition from that class, while on the other hand, the great body of people, mentally incapable of comprehending the tremendous advantages that [bankers’, aka,] capital derives from the system, will bear its burdens without complaint, and perhaps without even suspecting the system is inimical to their interests” (“Kill Zone,” p. 170)

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  3. I always figured this covid crap was bullshit anyway. It does seem to be a nasty strain of the flu, but, as a bioweapon is kind of sucks with the death rate so low. back in my day they taught nbc training, and one thing they stressed was that it was a terror weapon. It was designed to instill FEAR. and they always said if you stop and THINK there is always a way out of the danger area.
    so, when they started yelling about how we all going to die shit, i started looking at the homeless.
    I figured if they not dropping like flies all over the place, well,,, turns out they doing just fine !
    but the old and infirm are easy marks for the bastards and they use them to further their goals
    in this. like the “news” with death totals or case rates rather, (not enough dead) kind of shows us
    just what these fuckers have in store for us. we need to start saying no more to them or this shit
    will never end.


    • When it was obvious it was business as usual at hospitals and mortuaries, everyone needed to print out Phil’s pic below and send it to all the dem governors.
      That’s what pisses me off the most. Way too people just accepting the bs.


    • I gotta say, fellas… my wife and I had the Whubonic Plauge in Nov. It not like any flu I ever had. Of course taste and smell went in the shitter. Hair fell out. Shower looked like a dog was washed. Brain function was really retarded. Still have lingering cough in upper chest. Smell not 100%. While all this is a PITA, I be damned if I get the jab. Son was jabbed. (I know…) and 2 mo.s later he has this crap. I say “Bullshit!”.


      • Get Ivermectin and cure yourself. Sounds like you have ‘long COVID’ and a few doses of IVM will work. Do the basic research. Check out FLCCC dot net, use a doc in your state for IVM pills, or go to Tractor Supply and use the horse paste. (Do not use the pour-over for cattle, it is too strong) We have done both to be prepared. The FLCCC is legitimate and the prescriptions can be filled at certain pharmacies (we used CVS w/ a GoodRX coupon).
        Your health is worth it!


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  5. Not just yet please!
    I need about another 6 weeks to be properly positioned.
    Survivable now, but in 6 weeks SECURE!


  6. and don’t forget the world economic forum meeting to wargame massive cyber attack on the grid/grid down scenario. these are the same bastards that wargamed covid one year before it happened. they even called it covid19. hmmm. nasty guards are pulling out the stops to deploy every major command to places we’re pulling out of, by the first of the year. yeah, spidey senses tingling, like an earthquake. hint: they’ll send oregon guard to maryland and maryland guard to oregon, then spread the rumor that the other guys committed atrocities back home. mayhem ensues. more food, more ammo, secure water source, and lots of buddies.


  7. One thing we can learn from history, and it’s been picked up in a lot of the apocalyptic fiction about collapse scenarios is that Gummint (with a big G) doesn’t disappear. It becomes very, very nasty. You can try to be the grey man, but what do you do when Officer Friendly comes to your door and says, “We know you have stored preps. We need you to share them for the good of the community.” I have made the point to my wife that what I have stashed ahead for food will not feed our little town for a day. And if it’s not Officer Friendly, it’ll be Neighbor Nancy with a couple of hungry kids in tow. What do you say to her?
    Prepping is about being prepared for anything, from the next flat tire, to the fridge dying, to the ‘Pockyclips. It’s looking more and more like it will get much uglier before it gets better, if that ever happens.


  8. I believe you are right in trusting your gut. Most people who pay attention to that “gut feeling” usually are at least to a certain degree. I can’t remember a single time where I’ve had an inkling something was out of place that the feeling didn’t turn out to be at the very least, semi factual.
    I trust the ferals about as far as I could throw my house. If you prepare fro the worst, and noting happens, at least you will sleep well at night knowing you are prepared and tried.


  9. There is only so far that the “FEAR” they have been pushing can be them towards their goals. Sooner or later ALL tyrannical governments just remove the velvet glove and resort to naked force. That time is arriving….soon. About half of Americans simply will no submit…..to the jab or to their lies and bullshit. That half is a threat to their grasp on power and they will NOT tolerate anyone or anything that poses a rsim to their illegally obtained do tell over the Fed Gov. Therefore violece IS COMING. Be ready. And if possible take the violence to THEM….first….on YOUR terms, not theirs.


  10. Sounds pretty sound. You can never have too much ammo and too many ideas. You can always shoot it later if everything was to blow over which doesn’t seem likely.


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