The Schadenfreude Is Off The Scale For This One!

Oh yeah baby, Karma just done and took a big old bite out of this bitches ass.

Former Sen. Barbara Boxer Assaulted & Robbed In Oakland

California – Former Democrat Senator Barbara Boxer was attacked in Oakland’s Jack London Square Monday. The incident happened in the 300 block of 3rd Street.

“Earlier today former Senator Barbara Boxer was assaulted in the Jack London Square neighborhood of Oakland,” her representative wrote in a Tweet. “The assailant pushed her in the back, stole her cell phone and jumped in a waiting car. She is thankful that she was not seriously injured.”

The suspect remains at large. The Oakland Police Department is offering a reward of up to $2,000 leading for an arrest in this case.

Oh but that isn’t even the best part.

Oh no.

The best part is the very first comment that got posted in response to this bit of news.

Jared Smith,

Doesn’t sound like a big deal to me as long as they only stole 950 dollars or less. The DA should drop the charges against the assailant and maybe even create a statue of him. Let them enjoy the insane policies they create lol .Like · Reply · 43 · 7h


That was beautiful.

The reason why that was so beautiful?

Mike MoraThis should be perfectly fine by her. She championed reducing penalties for criminals. She helped author the current crime wave.
My bet is she is telling her friends the gangsters needed the loot. Boxer isn’t known for her intellect.Like · Reply · 8 · 6h

That’s right, she was one of the ones pushing to decriminalize everything.

How ya liking that shit now honey?

Stupid fucking bitch thought she was immune.

The absolute bestest part for me about this whole story is that it happened in my Home Town.

Fuckin’ Oakland.


WTF was she even thinking?

Whoever the dumb bastard is who snagged that phone has a gold mine in his hands for a few moments.

You gotta know their number is going to be up though.

The Po Po are gonna be hunting that fucker hard.

So is the FBI, The Secret Service and every other Fed agency within 500 miles.

17 thoughts on “The Schadenfreude Is Off The Scale For This One!

  1. LMAO!! That’s fucking awesome.

    Too bad she didn’t suffer a little more of the indignity that most victims have to suffer at the hands of the perps. Fucked up times for sho’

    I’m alive. So far so good 🙂


  2. The phone itself is not worth much but the info on it – priceless. I hope whoever stole it has the brains to steal the contacts list.


  3. Barbara Boxer was the bitch who, when a military General said to her, “Ma’am, I don’t think that…” and she snapped at him to call her Senator, as she worked so very hard to attain the title of Senator.
    As if that General had not worked his ass off, rising up the ranks, both during West Point and beyond, to get his title, and yet he would be perfectly fine with someone calling him Sir.
    I would love to add more, but I only have more swear words to say, so just add your favorite ones, and hope that she ends up with a bone bruise or something.

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  4. Hard to add to your post, but I’ll say it doesn’t sound like much of an assault. Pushed her in the back? But anything that gets these puke stains nervous and looking over their shoulder when out and about is good with me.

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  5. Laws for you, Laws for Me. Applied per WHO writes the Police Paychecks/Pensions.

    I suspect that cell phone has been remote wiped already and that perp will have a serious “Accident” and removed from the breathing.

    A common thug can lay hands on She who MUST be “Honored”. Where was her bodyguards?


  6. Yeah, baby. Remember this from 1992?

    “The general election between Boxer and Herschensohn was very close. At the eleventh hour, controversy emerged that the Republican nominee attended a strip club, which some Republican operatives later blamed for Herschensohn’s loss.[5]

    Four days before Election Day polls showed Herschensohn had narrowed a double digit deficit, trailing by 3 points. Political operative Bob Mulholland disrupted a campaign appearance with a large poster advertising a strip club shouting “Should the voters of California elect someone who frequently travels the strip joints of Hollywood?” Herschensohn admitted he had visited a strip club once, with his girlfriend and another couple. With press coverage of the story, Herschensohn spent the waning days of the campaign denying related allegations. When the votes were cast and counted, Boxer won the election by five points.[6] Although Republicans have blamed the defeat on the underhanded tactics of the Boxer campaign, evidence of the connection between Mulholland’s outburst and the campaign never surfaced.”

    Mulholland lives in Chico, CA. So did we for near 30 years, until we GTFO for Texas. Our kids played basketball in a recreational league for jr. high kids. One of the kids on another team was the son of one of Mulholland’s lackys. Kid was all knees and elbows. Offensive and defensive fouls by the dozen. Parents on our side yelling, calling out the referees. Nope, they wouldn’t touch him. The fix was in.

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  7. Remember all our phones are tracking devices they will be on that piece of shit quick if not already. Google will be doing evil in this case and we will never hear about it.


  8. Just to throw a little cold water, consider the comment that the phone was not worth much, but the information was worth a lot. What if one of the alphabet agencies was wanting something and she was holding out on them? This would provide them with quite a good cover – they get the information they want and the right believes she got what was coming and it’s already believed that we will never hear the follow-up of this story.


    • These days, there is no conspiracy theory too bizaare to have at least some plausibility, and this one is more likely than not. We’ll never hear the real story no matter what it is.
      Per Bear Claws’ comment just above, the first thing to do with that phone is pull the battery. And then any forensic attempts to get into its SIM chip need to be done within a faraday cage.


  9. Consider the mountaintop scene in “Shooter.” Squirts lighter fluid on device and lights it. “This thing is kryptonite.”


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