In Other Words, Communism Here Is Going To Fail BFYTW

This is a good read.

Sarah Hoyt has a good way with words and a unique perspective to weave them with.

I think after you read this you will find that you feel just a little bit better about where we are at.

Commies are gonna Commie but ultimately they are going to wind up as the complete failures that the system they use guarantees in the end.

I especially liked her perspective on the American Attitude,

“,,,our base culture is “you and whose army?””.

That’s BFYTW any way you want to look at it.

28 thoughts on “In Other Words, Communism Here Is Going To Fail BFYTW

  1. Been reading Sarah Hoyt for years now. She was born and raised in a socialist hellhole (Portugal), and is now a loud-n-proud naturalized US citizen. So her perspective is a bit different, and valuable for the insight. She’s a sci-fi writer by profession, and her blog tends to be wordy and rambling because she doesn’t take the time to edit it down to polished prose.

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    • Sara and I don’t see eye to eye on many things but she’s one of those rare immigrants who come here not for our economy to to become in every way possible an American.

      That I can respect.


  2. I believe there are way more of Us, than Them, though some of us are smarter and more informed.

    The question is how much is this fucked up government going to try – and get away with.

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    • Because they are still giddy with the power the levers of government they stole are providing, they are going to try and get away with as much as they possibly can.
      They are already pushing it full throttle.
      They are also starting to realize that someone has their foot on the brakes.
      That would be us.
      It’s just a matter of time until they inevitably push the wrong button and the whole shebang is going to blow up in their faces.
      Even if this Kung Flu Jab does wind up killing half the population, the majority of those are going to be their willing dupes so their power base is going to shrink by their own hand.
      What remains will very decidedly be the BFYTW crowd which is really going to finish them, with prejudice.
      As Cederq notes above, there will be untold millions dead before this is over but as I just pointed out, the vast majority of those will be the True Believers and the Willfully Ignorant.
      As hard as they are pushing to OTHER us White folks and trying to criminalize a full one third of the population by branding us as the number one threat to national security because Muh Domestic Terrorist bullshit, they are making a humongous tactical mistake.
      Us Domestic Terrorist types are the ones keeping the lights on and the cupboards full.
      Hence Sarah Hoyt’s correct prediction that they will ultimately fail.
      Every Communist regime from the very beginning has used food as a weapon.
      We feed half the world on top of ourselves.
      Cut that off and the other countries dependent on that are going to have something to say to the morons interfering with that arrangement.
      This also bolsters my opinion that if it goes full blown kinetic here that the Russians are going to start helping us Deplorables take our country back.

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      • I don’t see a lot of death and destruction in the near future because of all this but I can’t argue it very hard either. We’ll see. Former KGB agent Yuri Brezmanov (I think you know this guys vids) tell us the commies will come in and line up all these puke stains that pushed us so hard to the left, and shoot them. Now there is something to look forward to anyway 🙂

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      • I’d say supply disruptions of basic necessities (Food, Water, Electric) have the best chance of being the cause of mass death. There’s a whole bunch of people who wouldn’t make it a month without being able to get what they need at the store every couple days.


      • I’m not getting the vax. I’m more worried about it than the virus. I especially worry about longer term effects. Does it cause organ failure a few years down the road?
        Worse yet, would anyone in the medical field associated with this even know? Man, that’s a lot of trust the vaccine takers are giving out for free.

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          • Kurt Vonnegut wrote in one of his novels decades ago the idea that the Chinese were going to perfect miniaturization and that they would send their population into reproductive overdrive, miniaturize all the kids to about the size of bacterium and send them over here on the jet stream where they would inhabit the lungs of every American and kill them off.


        • The mRNA “vaccines” are a time bomb. We now have research and clinical proof that the spike proteins that The Jab give you are causing clots. Not necessarily LARGE clots, but tiny ones that clog capillaries and cause heart failure eventually – they can only be observed by the D-dimer test.
          Gonna be interesting to see what else the researchers come up with. Trump was sold a bill of goods when he turned to CDC and Dr. Fakey.


      • Well written, old man. I agree with the Russians helping us. Look at their military cathedral they just built. The U.S. wouldn’t have done that with the current social climate. If non-believers have issue, that’s fine. It reinforces my perspective.


      • Hate Commies? Love Russians? Your knowledge of history and geopolitics is exceeded only by your expertise in epidemiology and pharmacology. Trump. University graduate?


  3. Phil,
    Thanks for sharing.
    You and I are old enough to remember Carter’s BS.
    I am was in college when Saint Ronald saved us and spent about half my time arguing with the leftists there.
    Once people endure double digit inflation and unemployment, they will start to remember that leftist crap never works

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    • As was I. I remember older young adults talking about the double digit mortgage rates and that stuck with me.


  4. Communism ALWAYS fails….eventually. It’s just the MASSIVE amount of death, destruction and misery that happen during the interim…..


  5. I think the only way you will ever be able to enlighten those purveyors of Communism & Socialism is to force them to live under it for 5 years. And I don’t mean living like the elite rulers of Communism either, you are going to live like the peon masses. Without adequate food, heat. water only when it’s deemed necessary by the rulers, equal acts for every single one of them, told what job they would perform, and every other aspect of their miserable lives being dictated to them. That is their beloved “Equality of Outcome”.


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