This Is Why Every Man Needs A Damn Truck

It’s also the reason I bought my old Chevy, so I could quit beating the shit out of the Caballero.

Somewhere under that rolling brush pile is an abused POS SUV.

Note the difference here.

I throw a cheap tarp over the crap and use a couple of cheap ratchet straps across the back to keep leaves and stuff from blowing all over.

I’m sure all those little SUV’s have their purposes and uses but nothing beats an old truck for hauling shit around.

I’m also damn glad I bought that thing when I did.

The prices I am seeing that people are asking for used pickups lately is nothing short of jaw dropping.

21 thoughts on “This Is Why Every Man Needs A Damn Truck

  1. Trucks are nice. Have always had a truck in addition to other vehicles, except for a year or so when my last truck blew up. During that time, I drove my ’99 Tahoe all over the country for work. Folded the back seats down and had plenty of storage for tools and materials. Had a Reese hitch on it so I could haul a trailer when needed.

    After remodeling the front end at 60 mph hitting a small deer on the interstate in KC, it put a pin hole in my transmission cooler. The tranny went out and after figuring out $1800 for rebuilt 4wd transmission, another $800 for a new A/C compressor, plus probably another 500 bucks to fix the front end for a vehicle that was only worth a grand in good condition, I got rid of it. Sure do wish I’d kept it now. Had plenty of power with the 5.7L and the auto 4wd selection on the transfer case, I wasn’t afraid to drive anywhere at anytime.

    I once drove it through a blizzard from Roanoke VA to Chester, NY with the cruise control set at 65. Never spun a tire or hinted at a skid the whole trip. I did have to pull over every once in a while to clear my windshield though, because my wipers couldn’t keep up the blowing snow and ice.


  2. An alternative to having a second pickup for hauling junk, is to get a utility trailer. One less vehicle to maintain, and no additional insurance premiums.
    I have a friend who said that every home you buy should come with a pickup, because you can’t own a home and not need a pickup.


  3. You will ride in an all electric golf cart and like it, prole. If the State thought you needed a pickup, the State would provide you one. You don’t need to go more than 10 miles and forget about a proper useful tool, you climate change denier! Your beliefs are deemed inconsistent with the State’s and you shall be sent to the Zuckerberg Center for Truth and Enlightenment. All Hail Zuckerberg, Savior of the Universe! The State shall take care of you and all is for the State. Your freedom means precisely nothing to us. Wear your Mask of Submission. Give up your flag, your beliefs and your guns. Have you paid proper homage to Lord Faucci and gotten your Vaccination of Eternal Salvation yet?



  4. Most likely “Somewhere under that rolling brush pile is a POS minivan”. Restored our ’83 C10 Shortbed to factory original condition and bought a 8 ft utility trailer for all the hauling. Ramp gate on the trailer makes for easy loading and the truck stays clean.


  5. Yep, trucks sure are handy to have! I miss my Jeep, but it couldn’t haul a load of shredded cedar for the landscaping, or 600 lbs of decorative rock and pavers.


  6. When I was stationed in Kentucky, I had a trailer that was made out of the back half of a pickup truck. I hauled everything in it from horse manure to big river rocks. Pulled it behind my ’85 Caprice. When I got transferred to California, I pulled it cross country, filled with some of my stuff. Never a problem.


  7. I’ve owned a truck of some kind the VAST majority of my life….just too useful to not have.
    As has been pointed out, a utility trailer of some kind is a decent alternative. And once you
    have one of those you’ll find you have ALL SORTS of ‘friends’ who magically need to borrow it.


  8. I live in rural Wisconsin , had a truck most of the time since I was 17 all 2 wheel drive .I finally broke down and said fuck it and got a big 3/4 ton 4×4 oh boy what a difference, I could get around with a 2 wheel drive , But with the big ol Dodge 4×4 No Worries at all !


  9. Hah! Judging by the pictures the SUV guy is hauling WAAAY more tree trimmings in and on his SUV than the *partial load* in that pretty truck of yours.

    You are right, of course, that a truck is essential. If you don’t have one, use what you got.

    Mill Tone


  10. I know what you mean about the prices! I was able to get a lucky buy on my 1977 Ranger with the 460 V8, still cost me Β£6500 plus I had to register it, really turns heads here in England, plus taking crap to the dump is one trip instead of four!


  11. I’ve caught people lately looking lustfully at my 03 Silverado classic. It’s mine. I bought it new, and I ain’t giving it up.


  12. I’ve caught people lately looking lustfully at my 03 Silverado classic. It’s mine. I bought it new, and I ain’t giving it up.


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