The Cleveland Indians Baseball Team Changed Their Name To The Guardians?

Who fucking cares?

I haven’t watched a baseball game in 25 years.

Fuck those woke pussy bastards.


12 thoughts on “The Cleveland Indians Baseball Team Changed Their Name To The Guardians?

  1. I grew up near Navajo. They liked being called Indians. They even liked “Redskins”.
    They’d laugh when my ‘black’ best friend and I (white) would play ‘cowboys and Indians’, and we always chose to be the ‘redskins’ fighting against the ‘paleface’.


  2. Exactly. I stopped watching in ’94 when those fucktards cancelled the world series because $$$. I remember listening to some bottom-feeding right-fielder whine about how he “only made $178,000 a year” playing baseball, and “the fans really needed to support higher pay” for players.

    I made about $5.00/hour back then if I recall correctly. Screw those butt-licking whores.


  3. I wonder what Guardians represents. Guardians of the Galaxy? Hardly. Though ssports is arrogant enough. I’ve regarded all sports as adults playing with a ball for over 50 years now. Fuck em all. Much better things to do with my time.


    • I’m just waiting for the Raiders now.
      White Privilege, Slavery, you know.
      It’s coming eventually.
      Then we shall see what happens when the pansy ass SJW’s go up against the multicultural and multi racial RAIDER NATION.
      Some of them fuckers look homicidal even when they are happy.


  4. Indians forced to abandon their culture, forget their name, cut their hair, and get a white man job??

    Those fucktards couldn’t have created a better synopsis of the Indian experience in America now if they tried for 100 years.

    The only way they could improve on it would be to open up a casino in the outfield bleachers.

    BTW, if we’re voting on names, I think it’s time to start treating pro sports teams that cave like midnight shows of The Rocky Horror Picture Show: when Janet appears on screen, the whole audience yells “BITCH!”. When Brad first appears, the chorus is “ASSHOLE!”

    Now apply that to all the major sports teams that have pussed out. Let the fans in each city decide their new name, and everyone in the stadium gets to yell it at them every time they take the field, anywhere, forever. For the Cleveland Pussies. The Washington Jackasses. And so on.
    Rub their noses in their piss puddle of crybabyism so hard and long they regret ever being born.

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