25 thoughts on “Sweet Jesus, Who Thought This Was OK?!

  1. I was only going to comment as speechless.
    And then I stopped and read the titles under previous posts “related.”
    2 of them certainly are appropriate.
    “This is what it has come to? & Ok, I need a fucking intervention.”
    Pretty much sums it up.


  2. All part of the homo/pedophile activist agenda. They were out of control before, now they’re like vampires with an unlimited blood supply.


  3. Hello Deathray, you’ve taken time off from hunting snakes? You may as well concentrate on the short-necked python in your pants. BTW, I’ve never been in prison, never having committed an indictable offence, unlike most serving or former coppers. Not that I don’t imagine doing so, but I’m too clapped out now. * I can see 2 still images that don’t seem sicko to me, havn’t ‘change me, I’m wet’ dolls been around for decades? That piddle impulse is probably what hits Cederq, any time he spots an unoccupied lamp post!


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