11 thoughts on “Forever Is A Long Time.

  1. And he is admitting this on twitter?

    Have to expand on your point, Phil, he needs to cut off his nuts after turning in the card, then go back to living in his mother’s basement.


  2. I’m PISSED!

    After reading this guy’s comments, I spit out a LOVELY shot of 18 year old single malt!

    Somebody owes me…something…


  3. We took one my sons buddies to the pistol range one time when they were both about 17. He was a good guy and very smart but just didn’t have a lot of exposure to guns or shooting. When we got around to the .45 Automatic I told him “This is a real Colt .45 Automatic Model 1911 and learning to use it is a punch on your man card”. He said “Cool!” and got out his wallet and produced an actual man card. It was hilarious. By the way he did very well and has taken up an interest in shooting.

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  4. one never reads this stuff while sipping a 18 year old single malt. I stare at the wood fire or I am
    talking with friends. who reads twitter nonsense drinking the good stuff ?


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