Watch And Learn Grasshoppers

When I was younger I loved to go out tromping around in the brush and shit.

I would have done the same thing this guy did with no problem.

Now I wouldn’t be able to go near as fast as dude here but I still wouldn’t need a fucking rope to hold onto.

8 thoughts on “Watch And Learn Grasshoppers

  1. Me too, but I also realize that come peoples idea of rough country is uneven sidewalk joints. Bring them along with favorable outcome.


  2. Reminds me of the video of a guy using a rope to scale a steep rock face. He was all decked out in climbing gear. Next thing you know, this bare-footed Monk looking dude just walks right past him. Made him look as pathetic as he was.

    Whitehall, NY


  3. Hey, *I* could do that! Two steps and I would have my knees blow out and I’d simply *roll* down the hill. Stopping would be an issue, though.


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