12 thoughts on “So All Y’All Can Feel Right At Home Now, Hear?

  1. Is that one of them new-fangled water closets? It’ll never catch on, the newspaper won’t go around the s-bend. Nothing wrong with a thunderbox.


  2. Ya know.. if you a had a cottage or cabin with running water that would be perfect.. I don’t believe, however, the wife would go for that in the primary residence ( wouldn’t bother me a bit though )


  3. I’d rather have it outside than in. I’m thinking of doing a Japanese type, slot in the floor with a post to hang onto. I can hear the howls now….


  4. The bathroom at the Clampett mansion.

    It’s worth noting that one can go the other way: Build the outhouse in the back yard, but with running water, tile, carpeting, heating and A/C.

    For added humor, go with both approaches.


  5. Reminds me of where the NFL is going with its “black national anthem” has there been any protocol as to how you are supposed to behave when it’s being played. Like when star spangled banner is going on you are supposed to stand and respect the flag when the song is played some people put their hand over their heart some people salute some people bow. Can we pull our pants down to reveal our underwear to our butts and flash gang signs? I haven’t heard anything from NFL on that yet


  6. Yeah, had that the first 6-7 years of my life, no nostalgia associated with it. Could I deal with it when it all goes to hell? Yes, but never again willingly.


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