Neither Rain, Sleet Or Snow Shall Stop Us…

The 4 of us boys used to pile in the back of the Old Man’s 68 Ford 4X4 in any and all weather and sit there until we got where we were going .

Sometimes half way across an entire state.

No canopy.

When it was wet, cold and miserable, we would fight over who got to sit over the mufflers and who got to snuggle up with the wet Black Lab to get any hint of heat.

Now it’s even illegal to have the damn dog in the back if it isn’t tied .

And you wonder why we laugh and make fun of the younger generations.

21 thoughts on “Neither Rain, Sleet Or Snow Shall Stop Us…

  1. Got that right. At the very least we are not making a population with a majoirity of strong people.

    How many committed suicide just because Covid hit ? A lot more than would have in 1980.


  2. I moved from Washington to Idaho 33 years ago. A big impetuous was the Washington law (1987) that denied a dogs right to ride in a pickup. Sorry but fix Washington. If it can be.


  3. I remember, back in the 60’s, riding in the back of my uncles station wagon with my two cousins. Tailgate open, we were sitting on it with our legs dangling just above the road. With today’s pansies he would be accused, arrested and convicted of child abuse.


    • You beat me to the station wagon tailgate! I remember doing that and mom hitting a bump and my brother and I flying out onto our asses in the intersection…


  4. It’s probably been changed, but you used to be able to load up, as long as the available seatbelts were used. The rest of the riders were free range. If it was a pre seat belt law era rig, didn’t even need that.
    How did we survive?


  5. Back in the 1950’s, my uncle would clean out the back yard dump a couple times a year and load the refuse into his dump truck to take to the town dump. On the way to the dump we’d ride in the cab, my three cousins and I all sitting on top of each other. On the way back, we’d ride in he dump body. I think it was 1957-1958 the state I lived in at the time changed the law about riding in an open back vehicle like a pick up or a dump body.


  6. In the 50’s, sitting on the tailgate of my Uncle George’s ’54 ( year without make, default to Ford) riding the dirt roads in Jefferson County, Georgia.


  7. Lived in San Diego as kids in the 60’s. Us kids rode in the back of the pickup all the time, ’65 Chevy Fleetside with a 283 and powerglide transmission. Even up into the early 70’s, we would all pile in the back of the truck. Then we moved to WNC. Sometimes we’d have eight people piled in the back, slip sliding around on those old gravel country roads on the way to the lake. Good times


    • We had a ’64, and until Dad put a canopy on it we ALWAYS rode in the back. Squeeze up to the cab when the weather was cold, we had a tarp we’d be under. Good weather, sit in the back snuggled up to the tailgate with the wind and bugs in our teeth.
      How did we ever survive? We were toughened up, that’s how.

      Dad taught us how to bail out of a moving truck without breaking anything, but he used to jump out of planes… good practice for when *I* jumped out of perfectly good planes…


  8. No seatbelts, maybe some old junk in the back and hoping for a big bump to see how high you would bounce. Those were the days


  9. We loaded up half the clan in a 1957 chevy with a 20′ omaha box. Lined it with straw bales and 14-15 of use rode in the back across the state to a rodeo. Course even then I like the painted ladies at the end of the midway.


  10. We took a road trip to Wisconsin in the back of a Ford Ranchero and damn it was cold.
    Today we would all be arrested at the county line and redistributed to CPS gulags.


  11. Don’t make fun of the *fine young people* of today, that can’t ride in a truck as it was intended to be loaded. Remember that it was us boomers that *allowed* the laws prohibiting such sh*t to be passed.

    I recall riding with my cousins in my uncles pickup, standing behind the cab, and Uncle Hank doing his darnedest to make us fall or sweep us out under low branches. So much fun. I feel sorry for the kids today that just will not ever know the joy.

    Mill Tone


  12. We went camping the three older kids in the bed of the truck against the cab and the fourth and youngest in the. Pickup was a late fifties stepside with running boards. After the tent was set up we would ride around the campground looking for firewood standing on the running boards.


  13. Holy fukin bejesus what a deplorable shithole we’ve degenerated ourselves into. This is not progress, this is pure asininity. We’ve degenerated into a mass of people that cannot even think anymore without the prompting of some stupid assed phone with 3 dozen apps stuck in their face prompting them. I’ll take 1975 any day…


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