21 thoughts on “Somebody Asked Biden A Question Again

    • I don’t think so.
      But, he’ll be looking for one just like it to sit on his lap and look out the window while he’s making his frequent long cross country trips.


        • Sandy,

          I am not AWOL or MIA, just dealing with a R Kidney that never developed and is giving me at 63, fits and chronic pain. I have two stents, Arterial,Venous. Docs think because both were congenitally diminished they thought the kidney would start to grow, hasn’t yet after nine months. Sometimes I go Galt and not comment as I am busy with the local medical tyranny and just not feeling good.


        • Also, the Nephrologist is pushing me to take the unholy jab and I finally had a show down with him today. I told him never to utter a word about the delta variant of the common flu and I will never take a non-vaccine or any vaccine for anything the rest of my life. I made it clear another word from him or his nurses/techs I would file ethics complaints and I have contacted a Medical Malpractice Attorney I know and have provided expert witness testimony on several occasions in the past. That’s if he declines me as a patient and refuse to continue to treat me.


          • I’m so sorry you’re going through that. My prayers are with you. Hopefully the comic relief here is a distraction.

            Good on you for standing up to the vaccine tyrants. I envision you telling them exactly where to shove the vaccine. Ayn Rand would be proud.


  1. Deathray, I find it significant that following a reliving of emotional trauma (ex-wife moaning at him), that Cederq sought succor (and sucker) in the arms of somebody down in Little Rock, Arkansas. Hell, ol’ pruneface Hillary* may as well give your little pal a scratch behind the ear and a belly rub to quiet him down, seeing as how naughty-nurse Sandy got him all excited one day. Otherwise, he’d probably be humping peoples’ legs again! *can you imagine the thrill that a Secret Service agent gets, on discovering he/she is to be part of that detail? Hell on earth! Your taxes in action, America.


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