They Know Everything About You

Just for shits and giggles, start paying attention to the fine print and look for Facebook cookies and affiliations on every web page you open.

You WILL be surprised.

15 thoughts on “They Know Everything About You

  1. And it doesn’t matter if you have never registered to be on fecesfook or twatter, and any of the other social fuck you media sites, they still track you and sell/use your info. If it is “Free” you are the mark. It is getting to the point of deleting myself off of the whole flucking interweb, become the gray man and hard to track. I have been giving it serious thought lately. I have gone across the country several times and found my way and places I needed with out a damn sail phone, gps or googly maps.


    • I pays taxes to the fed, the DOT is part of that and those yahoos put up big azz green signs telling me how to get where I’m going. And being a crusty old bastage, I can still read a map. Gots no use for GPS or any of taht other new fangled nonsense.


    • Exactly.

      If anything is “FREE”, YOU ARE THE PRODUCT.

      This should be hammered into people’s heads like vowels are, until they get it.

      I'm thinking a game show where they pull people up from the audience, and the other contestants randomly reveal tiles containing their co-competitors' mined-on-the-spot data and personal glimpses, and the winner is the one with the fewest number of Embarrassment Points.

      Anybody's dick/ass pics flop, they aren't pixellated, but they're automatically disqualified.

      Call it "Wheel Of Torture“.

      Just to rub it in, stream all episodes live on YouTube.


  2. who gives a —-! If they really have a desperate need to know if I washed my hands after wiping my butt, I’ll set up a camera in my bathroom for ’em.
    Some people get their rocks off in weird ways; to quote Popeye “…I yam what I yam, that’s what I yam.”


  3. They can do what they want on this internet shit, I don’t give a fuck because I give a lot of false shit as real shit, so fuck the Zuk twit and goog, and their douche bags.
    They will have a FOR REAL PROBLEM if they EVER knock on MY DOOR.
    Your Maker Is waiting .


  4. damn boob tube died about 10 or more years ago. never replaced it. built my main computer I
    use everyday. no cam on or in it. dumped the cell phone about 4 years back.
    retired now and do not need any of that shit.
    for the longest time iI have being telling people to stay off facefuck. I just knew looking at that moronic fuck he didn’t come up with this shit himself. a looked at a few pages of other folks and was amazed how much detail people put on that shit. really it is a 3 letter clowns wet dream.
    they find out all of your friends, where they are and contact info. and this dumb fuck place sitter
    is selling all of that info to the highest bidder. fuck that clown. there a reason why he spends close
    to a million each year to protect his ass. I always find that funny how they decry the amount of guns
    here while having a small army to watch over their asses who are armed with better shit than us.


  5. When farcebook first came along, my brother told me he’d heard that it was a good way to get in touch with old classmates. Yup, he said, there were a lot of old classmates there; none of the cool kids though.
    I once got an email invite to join it via a SIL. There was an opt-out button at the bottom of the email, and just for giggles I clicked it. Have to say I have not been bothered since, and that was MANY years ago.
    There are many ways I compromise my own OPSEC though, and posting comments here is one of them. IDGAF. I do run a script blocker (NoScript), and it is truly amazing how many websites want to allow farcebook and twatter to run on them.


  6. I used to teach (~8 years ago) an Information Operations curriculum in a larger operational warfare planners course before I retired off active duty. It was clear even back then that Bookface was an OPSEC nightmare.


  7. …and you think it’s just facefook? Google is also tracking you everywhere you go online. Every web hosting service that uses a google back end, like WordPress, knows every key you touch on your keyboard.

    What, exactly, do you think those three little icons below the right hand corner of the comment box are doing? Do you REALLY think they’re just benign links to your facefook, twatter and wordpress accounts?


  8. Few years ago when wife and daughter were visiting DC I got a call from a disconnected area code 202 number. I am sure it was operation trailblazer which replaced operation thin thread. Search william binney and stinger technology if you like.


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