Sponserberleries, I Hates ‘Em

I don’t know what it was about this cartoon but I remember watching it many years ago and always got a kick out of it.

I’m thinking that’s because it wasn’t really aimed at Teh Cheeldruns.

Know what I mean?

5 thoughts on “Sponserberleries, I Hates ‘Em

  1. I may have commented on the before but us old guys repeat ourselves sometimes.
    When our boys were about 10 and 6 they came walking up to me as a committee and the following conversation happened
    10 yr old: “We have a Question”
    6 yr old: (scowling) “It’s about Scooby Doo!”
    Me: “OK – what about him?”
    10 yr old (blurts out) “Shaggy’s a stoner isn’t he?”
    Me;( Laughing so hard I’m in tears)
    10 yr old: “And Scooby talking is just Shaggy hallucinating because Scooby only talks to Shaggy!”
    Me: (trying to recover) “I guess he does represent that type”
    6 yr old: “My childhood is ruined” (walks off)

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  2. Never saw that cartoon. The only ones I remember were the Warner Bros days of Roadrunner, Foghorn, Sylvester, etc. And at this point it seems like cartoons are little more than soap operas.

    I’m 69, guess 7 years or so between us is what made the difference in what was on. Don’t know when Mel Blanc died but that would have put all those cartoons outta bidness.


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