19 thoughts on “Might Wanna Go Read This Piece

  1. Evil just Evil.

    History has informed me of just How Evil they ALL are.
    In There own words, bragging in many cases.
    When they say (vocalize) something they say nothing. nothing.
    It’s when they aren’t talking , Preening or Opine-ing…
    They say the most.

    It’s all jusssss Disgusting.


    • My “smarter” younger sister has a PhD in biomolecular chemistry or some such nonsense and couldn’t wait more than one day after her son turned twelve to give him the notvaxx.
      They are all in a death cult that thirsts for death.
      For everyone.



  2. Take that article with a grain of salt. The first paragraph is the same as asking “have you quit beating your wife?” It doesn’t matter what the answer is. “Just asking the question” gets people to think about it and some to assume it’s true.
    The VAERS site he references clearly states that the vaccine has not been shown to “cause” the deaths and illnesses reported. Correlation is not causation.
    50 – 60,000 people die from all causes every week in the US. We would expect more than 5 or 10 thousand people to die after being vaccinated. Correlation is not causation. There are thousands of people who got the vaccine and then broke their leg, got pregnant, or suffered from hemorrhoids. A few may have won the lottery. Correlation is not causation.
    A random blogger who strings together sciency words and confuses causation with correlation is not a reliable source.


    • So your okay with even 1 dying even if they would survive the virus without the vax. Gotcha, never seen a government and media push something so hard with no recourse even you don’t question it.


    • Okay, Mr. Member of the Church of the Sub-Genius, when you can tell me why the D-dimer test is soooooo important, then perhaps we’ll listen to ya.


      • Mr. Lapp – It hasn’t happened, but yes I would. If the vaccine could have saved most of the 600,000 Americans who died from Covid I would be fine with hundreds dying from the vaccine. Fighting a pandemic is like fighting a war. Unlike a war, in a pandemic everyone has skin in the game, not just the soldiers.

        Mr. Gorr – I don’t know that test. My field is statistics, not biology. What I do know is that correlation is not causation. Many people seemed to be confused by this. Years ago I was actually a member of the Church of the Subgenius. The annual gatherings were a blast but I never met Bob Dobbs.


        • Correlation is not causation- can that not also be said of people who died ‘with’ COVID? How many of them would have died regardless of a Covid diagnosis.

          Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn if people get the jab or not, their choice. But the vaccine is experimental with to many variables and uncertain future outcomes.

          No animosity toward anyone who gets the jab and no animosity toward anyone who doesn’t. You be you and I’ll be me.


          • How many people would have died regardless of Covid diagnosis? That is the right question. Mortality from all causes in the US usually rises around 20,000 – 30,000 per year.. Sometimes a little more, sometimes a little less. In 2020, almost 500,000 more people died than in 2019. (3.35 million – 2.85 million) Until more data is in we won’t be sure if most or all of that is due to Covid. Data gathering and analysis takes time.
            Frankly my dear, science doesn’t care what anyone’s opinion is. The logical approach to airborne pandemic is isolation and/or vaccination otherwise you are putting other people at risk. Not an opinion, just fact.


  3. My only issue with this theory that the vaccine is an extinction level event is the number of moving parts. Lots of points of failure here.

    You’d need a lot of people in the club, and all have to keep their yaps shut. Pretty hard to do in any large enterprise. Sooner or later you work your way down the bozo explosion to a moron that’ll either screw things up or spill the beans.

    That said, I don’t doubt the control thing and election fraud whatsoever. The whole virus thing caused a minor nanny-state control freak infestation to get out of control.

    But as far as the vaccine, I think it was a way for the grabblers to ride the gravy train and do research they otherwise wouldn’t be able to do without being sued. It doesn’t appear to work at all, for most anyway, and has a worse death risk than the actual virus.

    We clearly paid the Chinese to play with this monster virus, and China being China, it got out of it’s cage. After that everything stinks of simple corruption, greed, and incompetence. Who knows, that may be figured into the ‘plan’.

    If there is some sort of cabal that had the juice to pull this off like the article says, we are in for some very, very dark times. There’s a reason you don’t play with monsters and demons. Once they are loosed, there’s no controlling things.

    The silver lining here is that a whole lot of people’s eyes were opened to the greedy, self serving incompetents we have running the show. Sooner or later these fools will be routed.


    • It doesn’t look like the covid vaccine antibodies last for very long, which is why in countries like Israel and the UK, which double vaxxed their elderly early on and are now seeing fully vaxxed covid hospitalizations and deaths in that age group, there’s now talk of BOOSTERS. No wonder Pfizer and Moderna stocks are going to the moon. It’s a damn shame these “vaccines” come with so many side effects compared to the normal pre-covid ones since they’re being forced on people all around the world.


  4. Ahh,the RARE but deadly side effects we Keep Hearing about. Rare, but apparently pretty common. The vaccinated? Got the Chinkypox Pox ANYWAY?? Ohh, come On! Wake UP…
    How many times do you have to see the government tell you something, only to see it later, that the whole damn thing was a buncha shit? The harder they pump it, the more likely it’s BULLSHIT.


    • If they have to FORCE you to take it, especially after all of the interesting (and bad/worse/deadly) “side effects” are coming out, then you should stay very, VERY far away from it!
      I let my God-given immune system handle it, it seems to know what it’s doing. Or rather, GOD knows what He is doing…


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