7 thoughts on “HMMMMM.

  1. Interesting, but until I see this -ackchully- happen, let’s see, 75 hours +/- from initial poast on that site, that takes it to Result: Friday, July 23, 2021 at 3:00:00 am.

    I ain’t holding my breath… too many hopeium pipehitters out there still


  2. and the very sad part is, that most if not all of the information will not be seen by anyone.
    like the saying goes, cover it will a pillow until it stops moving.
    so, unless it fits the proper news speak. it will never get any air time.
    keep the people in the dark and feed them nothing but bullshit. that the “news” today in this country. as mad magazine used to print suitable for framing or wrapping fish. not sure about the framing part, I guess you can wrap fish with the news paper today, or liner the bottom of your bird cage. this shit is going to keep going until we change things. and that is going to get messy.

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