Regarding The Black Rifle Coffee BrewHaHa

What it was, has been, is and always will be if I have any choice in the matter.

‘Nuff Said.

20 thoughts on “Regarding The Black Rifle Coffee BrewHaHa

  1. Keep your swill. (I roast/grind my own, thank you),But believing what NYT said BRC said, well, don’t. I’d go watch the original interview. They were taken out of context (no, really?!!!) and published what they needed to to sully BRC. Again.
    I don’t buy BRC, I won’t buy BRC (too expensive and no taste when compared to home done), but believing NYT or any other ‘news’ outlet before believing the guy that was interviewed, yeah, no. However, I hear Folgers comes in a rainbow warrior can and supports BLM, LBGTQIAEIEIO and the Democrat party…I heard that on Faux news.

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    • TL:DW. Kept waiting for them to be straightforward and clearly deny what was reported. Seemed like a lot of tapdancing.


  2. like most over priced crap, I don’t waste money on. had starfucks ONCE. I find it hard to believe
    people pay good money for that burnt shit. way back in the 1970’s west berlin where coffee was
    really high priced for the locals, but px coffee was 5-8 buck per 3 pound can- good for girlfriend’s
    folks !!! they knew how to make coffee right. a very clean pot, cold clean water. just enough grounds to make it a bit black. but not bitter . sugar and cream or a bit of brandy tossed in.
    maxwell house used to be good until they started burning it and making it bitter.
    folgers is the house coffee now. filter water (cold ) stainless steel pot. drip maker.
    now that I a bit older I have to cut down a bit, so I add about half decaf to it now.
    still, better tasting than any shit i bought outside the house.
    burnt is not a good taste. light roast or medium is good. if you want to taste it.


    • That’s why you should always record your interviews (if they’re not live) yourself, so in case the interviewer misrepresents what you said, you can always play back the original audio to show what a POS he/she is and there’s no need to make a 9 min explanation video.


    • Then what were they doing talking to them in the first place? So either they are stupid or they aren’t as right-leaning as they let on. Both are fatal flaws. My recollection is they stuck their dicks in the fan over Kyle Rittenhouse too a while back. That’s two strikes.

      If they want to salvage their brand, they better come out with transparent express statement of their principles. Just denying or saying they were taken out of context won’t cut it. They will need to take public stands on all sorts of controversial issues they would have best been quiet about, but they have a lot of doubts to dispel among their customer base. And waffling in defense mode isn’t going to go far enough.


  3. Yuban. Usually $6, sometimes $5, on sale. I haven’t ever paid more than $6.
    If Virginia Christine was still alive and still Mrs. Folgers (It’s da reechest kind!) I’d probably buy Folgers just to support her. I always was kind of sweet on her.


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