One More Aggravation Taken Care Of, Kind Of

Like I have been lacking in shit that aggravates me.

Shortly before my Step Mother and Mother In Law passed away I bit the bullet and went down to some local outfit and had the oil changed in my truck because I was in a hurry.

Then all that shit started going down and a small but not inconsequential aggravation that suddenly appeared went straight to the bottom of the list.

I started noticing little puddles of oil on the ground everywhere I parked the truck.

I let it go for a while and then had enough time over the weekend to slide under the bastard to do some investigating.

Leaking out of the drain plug on the oil pan.

And it was tight.

Fuck me.

So I went up to the parts house and got a new drain plug, with a gasket and a quart of oil because it had leaked that much already.

Since I actually had a bit of time before I go to work today I went back down there and explained the situation to the gentleman.

I paid to have the oil changed again because since then I have put a bunch of miles on the thing running back and forth but I explained to them that it wasn’t leaking before I took it to them and it had better not be leaking when I leave this time.

So when they pulled the plug out I told them I wanted that.

Mhh HMM, bigger than shit.

Their Ground Ape tightened it hard enough to split the seal.

Now for the real aggravation.

It’s stupid shit like this that a guy really doesn’t need to be added to his plate, ya know?

28 thoughts on “One More Aggravation Taken Care Of, Kind Of

  1. ‘We don’t need no steenkin’ torque wrench’.
    2 fixes for the pavement. 1: kitty litter. 2: tape or mask off the area the size of the parking space. Spray used motor oil across the entire area. Peel back tape. Now it looks like it’s supposed to be that way. (yeah, it works, and no one knows the difference.)

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  2. Get enough brake cleaner to cover the area; while it is still wet, cover with floor dry.
    Crush it down with your feet and wait an hour.

    The last guy that tightened up a pan bolt like that wasn’t happy. I made him buy another pan and I installed it while he had to watch. That was on a Cummins ISX15, so take guess as to the cost of the pan plus paying for all the oil.

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  3. Phil, I usually agree w/ you on mechincal stuff. I mean, your truck is what, 3 or 4 weeks off the assembly line? No way that puppy had any age on it! In defense of the knuckledragger on the end of the wrench, he’s a minimum wage worker who can’t spell ‘torque’. I bet his training consisted of ‘don’ t spill any oil! ‘

    I once had to buy qualified electricians drills that only torqued to the spec I wanted b/c the $250 torque wrenches I bought them weren’t being used! These were $40/hr industrial electricians. Some of the finest in the trade!

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    • Yes I know. I told them straight up that Shit Happens and that I wasn’t trying to be a dick about it.
      Just a gentle reminder to the Ground Ape in the pit to watch what he is doing.

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  4. You’re just lucky they didn’t strip the threads in oil pan. This is why I change my own oil. Having said all that my special order new 4WD Toyota got here and I’ll probably let the Dealer change the oil for a while. Not trying to brag but I got the real new truck experience. They called me when it arrived and sent me pics as they were peeling off the shrink wrap. Picked it up that day. It’s my retirement vehicle and nobody but me has ever driven it other than what the factory did to get it on the truck. I admit I’m being a real asshole about this truck. Used vehicle prices are through the roof so I just got one the way I wanted it for once on my life.
    Cash on the barrelhead too. Clear title. Now if I can just figure out how everything works! (I guess I did have to brag a little – sorry! I really like this truck).

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  5. The deck apes that put my Sweet Little Wife’s new snow tires on the car when we moved here did something similar. ALL of the lugs on the left front wheel were so tight my big Makita impact struggled to get them off, and two on the left rear were equally over torqued. Had to use a rethreading tap on the lug nuts, and a rethreading die on the studs. I was so pissed off I was chewing nails and spitting out bullets. Took me four fucking hours to clean and rethread the lugs and stud on the left side of the car. And that was after I’d cooled down enough to be able to do it….

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    • I call them monkeys. Apes have a little cognitive ability.

      I can’t tell how many times I’ve seen monkeys blast away on the impact wrench while installing my tires. Then, they go around with the torque wrench, which clicks the nanosecond they press on it.

      It clicked so it’s torqued right!

      I’ve replaced warped rotors on my wife’s car twice because of that shit.


  6. Our work vehicles have had the same problem, so tight it imprinted into the pan and “squished” the gasket , when they actually put the o ring or gasket back on.

    There is a torque value on a truck that size and they don’t give a shit. They will take care with other things but will goof off with the small things

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  7. Back in the fifties, the office machine outfit my dad worked for had a couple of Chevy Sedan Deliveries. They had them serviced at the filling station next door. At an oil change on one of them, they put the plug back in but forgot the oil. The boss drove off and the engine seized up. The station rebuilt the engine.
    I once bought an alfa GTC which had belonged to a reporter who had been in Viet Nam for a year. He came home, started it up and took off. It seized up. All the oil had leaked out over the year. alfa’s didn’t have gaskets on the front cover and the oil pan, depending on precision for a seal. The owner’s club paper had a feature called, “Oil leak of the month.” I took it apart and got transferred. The company wouldn’t move a non-running vehicle so I sold it to some other alfa fool.


  8. Had new tires put on at a Discount Tire, left front they broke one of the lugs off. Toyota Sienna, there is a cover over the lugs so you can’t see em. MONTHS later I had to take the wheel off for some reason and saw it missing. It didn’t break off cause it wasn’t in there bouncing around behind the cover. Really pissed me off. Didn’t even bother driving the now 40 miles back to the place to have them deal with it. Bought a new lug and nut and put it on. Imagine just letting a customer drive away missing a lug.. Stopped dealing with these kinds of places, too many problems from the kind of people who work there.


  9. Just had one of them Adult Type decisions. Get new tires or get a new truck. Checked prices online, new tires it is. Michelin LTX’s, Gave the takeoffs to a kid for a farm truck, half depth Nitto Ridge Runners. Why change half good tires? Simple, have to drive to middle of Ilannoys and southern Michiginistan next week. Tire humm from the Nittos were going to make me crazy.



  10. Spin, unbelievable but true. I was driving to my place in VA for vacation. Told the other half, I ain’t driving this SOB back with these tires ( Nitto Ridge Grapplers, w/ less than 1800 miles on them). Switched them out in Hiawassee GA for the same tires you switched to. Got to VA and sold them Grapplers for $600.00.


  11. Back in high school I worked part-time in a national chain store that did auto service, etc. Periodically a few of the tire changers’ air guns would get sent out for rebuild because no one ever lubed them and there was no water separator on the huge shop compressor.

    When they started coming back and were put into service I had a question answered that I had been wondering about – why did the shop have so many boxes of replacement wheel studs and lug nuts, but only in one size?

    Remember Chrysler products back in the late ’60s and ’70s? They had left-hand threads on the right side wheel lugs, and were the only cars to do so.

    A beat-up and well worn air wrench would just chug on a lug nut until the user remembered it was a Chrysler product with left-hand threads and reversed the air gun; a freshly rebuilt wrench would ring that thing right off in a New York second.


  12. Opposite problem. Years ago I picked up my Camry from getting the front end patched up after wrecking it. Drove to work. Drove out to lunch. Coming back it had a clunking noise in the front end.

    As I left work that day, it was worse. So I stopped at the end of the parking lot and popped the hub cap. Three lug nuts fell out. They didn’t tighten them.

    I heard a quote, supposedly from Billy Joel who was asked what he missed now that he was older .

    He said “competence”


    • TechieDude –

      Have never had that problem, when I take the truck in for 5K “rotate and balance” I take MY torque wrench, extension and socket. They always say “we have torque wrenches” and I say “yes, but I know mine is calibrated” and I watch them use it.

      RE: the Chrysler left-hand stud thing? It was almost a sure thing to ring off one stud on the left side of the car before reversing the air wrench. If they started on the right side, more than once the gun was not reversed when moving to the left side where th estuds were right hand threads so 1 stud got rung off there, too. Since we didn’t have any right hand studs and nuts, a leftie was used as the replacement . I always wondered what happened when Marvin Motorist had a flat on the left side and couldn’t loosen that 1 lug nut……


  13. Those aren’t leaks. Your truck is simply marking it’s spot. (What a Harley guy once told me about his bike)

    You’re a good guy, Phil.

    I’d have changed it myself, and then it would be years before I darkened the doors of that place, if ever again. I certainly wouldn’t bother to tell them. And that should scare the shit out of any service business owner.

    In my line of work, I take complaints very, very seriously. Because if they thought to complain, who knows how many didn’t?

    Then again, when I hire monkeys, I check their work. My part of the job depends on them getting theirs right.

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    • I always changed my own oil since owning my first of over 60 vehicles over forty years ago. Unfortunately the Eco Nazi’s and the Karen’s of this world have turned a fifteen minute job into a fucking nightmare.
      Disposing of the used oil used to consist of putting it in used jugs and dropping it off at the local gas/ service station when you needed to fill up with gas. They ALL had above ground used oil tanks.
      Not so anymore. Now it HAS to be put in a used plastic Milk jug and set on the curb.
      No other container is approved or will be accepted.
      Yer fucked if you don’t drink milk or anything else that comes in that specific container.
      It’s just way simpler and quicker now to go pay some schmuck that can’t flip burgers because he always has dirty fingernails instead and it pisses me off every fucking time I gotta do it.


      • I thought the fed dot gov requires places that sell new oil to also take the used stuff, so any auto parts store should have a used oil tank to dump it in, same for used filters. All of them where I’ve lived for the past 25 years do, so I just go to the closest one when my old plastic 5 gallon gas can I use to hold used oil in gets about 2/3 full.


      • For a stretch, I used Jiffy Lubes. I got tired of them half-assing the work and pointing out what they’d missed, so I went back to doing it myself.

        One of the first conversations I had with my newly-minted ex was:
        She: Do you know how much they charge for an oil change?
        Me: Damn skippy. Why do you think I’ve been doing our cars all these years?


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