15 thoughts on “This Looks Like A Blast!

  1. What a blast it would be having all your old tool nerd club members on that mountain for a day of downhill racing… I bet Sandy would be the extreme daredevil! I would need a crane to get out when I got to the bottom but a shit eaten’ grin would be plastered on my mug. I wonder if egorr would be whopping and hollering?

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  2. Motorheads or not, speed is always cool. When I was a kid it was how fast and how far you could jump a bike. Teens, it was how fast you could get down the steepest mountain with boards strapped on my feet. Early twenties was going in circles with thirty people on a half-mile clay oval. My thirties were 160 mph crotch rockets.
    Some where between then and now, I got old and slowed down a lot.
    Sometimes, that old demon rears its head and says, “Hello old friend. What kind of trouble might we get into today?” And I just grin…….

    Whitehall, NY

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    • I might not be able to walk for a week because it would pound my lower back but you can bet your ass I would be doing that at least once if given the chance,


  3. Vernon Valley/Great Gorge New York state. 1970’s. We had this place called Action Park (made a movie about it with Johnny Knoxville). Their signature ride was The Alpine Slide. Had carts similar to this but ran on a slightly concave track. As kids, fun and challenging as hell. My mom and dad flew off the track, my mom breaking her arm. This video appears to be much faster than the slide was but not nearly as dangerous. Good memories.


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