They Say Time Is Relative

That may be but all I know right this particular minute is that it feels really weird to be home after work and it is still the same day of the week that it was when I went in earlier.

I’m not used to that shit yet.

For the last I don’t know how long, I would go to work and it would either be the middle of the night or the wee hours of the morning of the next day when I got back home.

The only way I knew what day of the week it was for the last several months was by looking at my phone on a regular basis.


It’s nice to have 3 days a week off but those extra two hours starts grinding on ya and you don’t even know it.

I have no idea how guys like Right Wing Terrorist can work 7-12’s.

When you get to be 60 years old, your body starts telling you what you can and can’t do and 7-12’s is right out the fucking window as a non starter.

So I lose that extra day off working 5-8 hour shifts but at the same time now I can come home, relax for a bit and still maybe get a little something done if I ain’t too wiped out. It is also going to be weird on the old sleep schedule.

I’m sure I will start going to bed earlier which means I will be getting up earlier, which means I will have a little time to maybe do something before I go to work if I feel like it.

Although this isn’t a permanent schedule, two months if I am lucky, I plan on enjoying these extra two hours a day not working, while I can.

Just a straight Swing shift again for just a little while sounds good to me.

Still, it just feels a little weird right at the moment.

12 thoughts on “They Say Time Is Relative

  1. Did near 700hrs OT and comp time in a year at my last job. Yeah, no. Still my highest gross for a year in my life, but net was well under my current take home. Thanks, but no thanks. Current job is 8 9’s, one 8 and a 3 day weekend every 2. That I can handle for the next 219 days. Not like I’m counting or anything.
    Maybe I’ll retire and clean Lucia’s shop for her?

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  2. Heck man, before I retired, I worked at a small hydroelectric plant in WA. Just me and another operator. For several years we would work eight 10 hour days in a row but then get six days off. The year before I retired, during November, the other operator was supposed to be gone for two weeks training, leaving me working two weeks of ten hour days plus always on standby at night. He did his training but then his mother passed and he was off for two more weeks! One month of long days plus having to be available for call outs. Made a nice paycheck but I was 66 at the time.

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  3. feeling yah, at 59 my body now has veto authority. retired..twice.. just part time paid work for me. dear wife and 8 dogs have plenty of non pay work for me though. some days it gets to ya and it helps to call a timeout even a couple hours helps

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  4. We were working a 9/80 work week with every other Friday off and it was pretty good. Then at the start of 2020 we began the 4/10 schedule and we did that till March and then Covidia hit and I became a full time 4/10 telecommuter. By taking off the 45 minute commute at the start and end of the day it’s pretty sweet. They didn’t say I had to work from home, they just said I couldn’t work in the office. Pay no attention to any ocean wave sounds or seagulls you may hear in the background when I’m on a teleconference. Nothing to see here.

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  5. I hear ya bud. Changes like that can refresh. I hope your body starts to recover from the extra stress you’ve been going through with all that time off!!! You are an encouragement to my stubborn streak. Thanks for that. It doesn’t take much to wear me down now, but every little bit of BFYTW helps keep my chin up and scanning my sectors….

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  6. Trade ya. I’m 8-5, Mon-Fri, with 24/7 on call every other week from midnite Wed to the following midnite Wed. So basically I work normal hours except for those extra 14 24 hr days. Which I only get paid for if I get called in even though I have to be within 30 minutes response time. I’m 61, working 26 days a month and only being paid for 20. Sleep tight tonight….your exhausted airplane mechanics are awake.

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    • I am basically On Call 24/7 and have been for 10 years. Whether or not I answer the phone is another matter though. There are times that I am unavailable.


  7. Heh…
    Been working in an absolutely demoralized hell-hole of a place run by Indians (dot, not feather) since spring.
    Don’t work for Indians, they WILL treat you like shit.
    Work times have been all jacked up.
    Sometimes a 40 then turn around and work a 84+.
    Currently slogging away on 4 13-14hrs and then a 9 or so for Friday.
    Depending on when I drag my ass out of bed.
    Been looking for other work but it seems most employers are not serious.
    Supposedly I should have a gazillion years of experience, which I have, but want to work for a pittance.


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