That’s Enough

Woke up after 4 hours of sleep to go pee at Oh Dark Thirty this morning, that turned out to be a good thing because The Wifely Unit had to give a cat some medicine to keep it calmed down for a Vet appt at 0830.

Went back to sleep after that, got woke up at 0800 to help throw the cat into the carrier.

Went back to sleep again and woke up just to realize that I had a whole bunch of shit to do today and I was cutting it close already getting started.

Slammed some coffee and out the door I went.

Ran to Lowes looking for some especially long screws to replace the nails that hold rain gutters up that my brother was telling me about so we could go out to the Father In Laws and get the gutters that had pulled away from the house secured again.

No luck at Lowe so I called him up.

He says his neighbor does gutters and may have some but the neighbor has gone to the dump, my brother is nowhere near ready to go anyway so there is no rush now he says.

Come back home, load up the extra lawn mower I had to take over there so one of the younger folk can mow the fucking lawn, I ain’t pushing that sonofabitch up and down the hill and he has a big fucking two section lawn. While I’m at it I load up a bunch of tools and some other shit and head to my brothers, 180 degrees from which way I am going to wind up at.

Get over there, Thank God the neighbor actually has some of these 10 inch long screws.

He says they quit making them, which explains why I couldn’t find any and that he had snagged the last box he could find and paid $300 for it.

He saved my bacon and sold us 30 of them for $20. We wound up using 25 of the 30. My brother’s back is out, my back is out from wrestling with the tires and wheels on the POS yesterday but shit needs to happen so off we go.

Left my brothers place with him behind me in his diesel F-250 loaded down with ladders and a plank to stand on and drove the 35 miles across the river and heading up towards Mt. Hood to go take care of the gutters.

That actually went OK and took about an hour and a half.

The Wifely Unit’s sisters were over there cleaning on the joint and as we are packing up the ladders and tools the matter of this metal futon that needs to be hauled off comes up so we fucked around and got it taken apart enough to get it out of the house and into the back of my truck. While me and my brother are tying that thing down the wimmins tell me they have a bunch of shit in the garage that needs to go.

They start hauling shit out of the garage and fill up the back of the truck and then start putting shit in the cab!

So now I have a truck load of shit that I need to go through and either drop off at the recycling center or take to the dump.

I been gone and on the run since ten minutes after I woke up this morning and it’s 6:30 right now.

Enough is enough.

Do not fucking bother me with any more bullshit today at this point.

I am going to finish this post, kick my fucking shoes off and eat something.

Then I am going to kick back and fucking vegetate , there may even be a quick nap in order at this juncture.

I keep forgetting that I am 61 fucking years old and I just don’t have it in me like I used to.

I mean I do OK for my age but I am finding that I run up against the stops a lot quicker than I used to and recuperating takes quite a bit longer now too.

A guy can only do what a guy can do and I figure I done enough today.

18 thoughts on “That’s Enough

    • When we lived in Maryville, Tennessee, that’s what you did. Once a month, the city picked up whatever you put out and the day before an old guy in an old Chevy truck came by and got most of it. He wasn’t real particular. It don’t work around here. We don’t have any poor people. They all live in the Democrat town next door.


  1. Your blog is HILARIOUS!

    I can totally understand(I’m 66, going on 100).

    Naps are your friend, BTW.

    I have been through ALL you are describing. It ain’t fun, but it’s better when it’s in the rear-view mirror.

    God Bless you, sir.

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  2. Used to pull 12s and not have a problem. Now anything over 8 hours and I start to feel my 66 years. Still working 10s so the last hour especially is a challenge. Never took naps as a kid. Now a nap is my best friend. Often crash out in the car after I get home and park in the driveway. A 10 to 20 minute nap gets me through the rest of the day pretty well. Really looking forward to retirement. I’d have taken better care of myself if I had known I was going to live this long!

    Sorry to hear about the gutter screws being discontinued. Glad I have some of them already on hand. Much better than the gutter spikes/nails.

    Hang in there!

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  3. Same here. In my head, I’m still 20, and can go all day long. My stupid head keeps writing checks my body can’t cash anymore. Getting old sure ain’t for the weak! God bless you, Phil, and thanks for providing a place where we can grumble and fuss with friends.

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  4. My motto, getting old sucks. But I refuse to grow up and that still thinking your 20 in your head aches at the end of the day. When I nap its 2 hours. Wish I could do the 20 minutes but I wake up feeling worse.


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