The Price Of Admission Just Went Up Gentlemen

It took the usual amount of dealing with a bunch of shit but I managed to get some new tubes and tires on the miserable POS today.

The tires I replaced were fifteen years old and literally had less than a thousand miles on them but had age rotted and split in the treads all the way to the steel belts.

$352 and a bunch of hassle at the tire shop with a Know It All youngster later,

Yet another damned thing I had to do to this thing.

But here ya go,

This one is for the doubters.

I see the next item is adjusting the valves. I haven’t done that yet since I rebuilt the engine.

My thanks to The Wifely Unit for stepping up to the plate and helping me bleed the damn brakes while I was waiting on the tire shop and then pinch hitting as my Camera man.

And yes, every time I fix something on this fucker from here on out it’s going to cost whoever ends up buying this thing.

It’s 57 years old now and they quit depreciating a long damn time ago.

23 thoughts on “The Price Of Admission Just Went Up Gentlemen

  1. Dad had a Triumph TR-4 when we were growing up. Learned how to drive 4-speed stick shift. That was a fun car to run around the neighborhood back then. The old car was hit in the backend, dad didn’t carry full coverage insurance back then. So I did a half ass job of straightening out he body on that old car. No tags, no inspection sticker, we get a 5-gallon gas can fill up the tank and run it around for a month or so. Almost got caught by the county Sherriff one day jumping a two foot hill at about 40 MPH on one of the back roads. It’s a wonder we didn’t wrap it up around a pine tree back then. About 10 years later bought a Triumph TR-6. It wasn’t as much fun as the TR-4 was. Sold it a year later, we tired of fixing stuff on that limy built pos.

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  2. I am genuinely surprised you stopped when backing up, I thought we were getting treated to taking out the mailboxes… You are right, the valves are screaming to be adjusted. Why was there a hassle at the tire shop? If I had to get with an kid with a know it all attitude, my bulk would not grace the shop door again and then visit him after work and show how a star wrench will fit up a rectum…


    • First they said they couldn’t put tubes in the rims because of chafing. After I pointed out that the tubes that were in them had been in there for 15 fucking years and still held air then it was they would have problems balancing them because of the tubes. Then he tries telling me the wheels were Magnesium and on and on and on.
      I don’t know what it was I said but I finally convinced the little peckerehead that they were absolutely able to do tubes and balance them but he finally relented.
      The best part was that I had called up last week and got quoted $320, without the tubes. I guess it depends on what day and who ya talk to.


    • Man, that poor thing sounds like a full-race sewing machine, Phil. If you want to do any long-duration driving (like, to Jantzen Beach,,,) you’d best get ’em adjusted.

      I used modified clothespins to keep the oil coming up the rods from squirting out all over while the valve covers were off during adjustment. Chevy small- and big-block.


  3. My Father, who passed ten years ago, had a ’56 MG TF1500, it had had old tires that had dry rotted, so he replaced them with modern tires. He loved the thing, but it was a money pit. He made me drive the thing the last three years of his life because he had had too many strokes to drive anymore. Unlike you, I am way too fat to be in that beast. He had promised it to his namesake grandson upon his death. Probably my favorite drive in that car was taking it over to my sisters house, handing her the keys and saying, your problem now. I think they have poured over 20G into it and it still isn’t drivable. Never own one of these if you can’t do your own work.


    • I worked under the table for a guy that restored those back in the very early ’80s down in San Jose California. TC’s TDS TFS he used to take Volvo motors and transmissions and swap them into those things to make them more reliable it was a pretty rich clientele down there. He restored them from the ground up frame off frame sanded painted he did his own painting and body work rebuilt everything he was quite a little Italian guy and he finally kicked off many years ago now but I remember him coughing up multi colors cuz he painted without a respirator in his paint booth.


  4. Only thing wrong with that is the steering wheel’s on the wrong side… Had a 74 Midget my first tour in England in the early 80’s. Drove the hell out if it….


    • Actually I’m still waiting for that thing to finish burning out so it sounds like a straight pipe and get that rap wrap wrap bark noise that they’re so famous for


  5. You probably know this but there’s a handy little tool called a durometer you can use to keep track of a tire getting too hard as it ages. Good call on the tire change. Nobody wants to talk about the fact that old tires on a Porsche contributed to the crash that killed Paul Walker. I’m still pretty POed about a brand new set of Michelins I put on my younger son’s Corolla when he was in college because Mama said her baby will have good tires for going back and forth to College Station. Don’t argue with Aggie Moms, it ain’t worth it. That car got totaled in a hail storm right after he graduated. I will say that USAA did account for the almost new tires in the amount they paid. Somebody out there got some nice used tires.


  6. My brother had two Sprites. One was for parts, and the other was the one he finally restored. The carburetors were a bitch to tune, but when everything was right, there were few cars more pleasant to drive. At that time, parts were easy to find, but that was fifty years ago.


  7. Don’t know if you’re familiar with Hoovie’s Garage. But he bought a sprite for $20K and considered it a bargain,


  8. I served my sentence and never did re offend. 72 Spitfire. I owned that car 7 months. It was in the shop waiting for parts for just over 6 months. Well, until I traded for a dead Fiat Spyder. Leather interior. Wood dash. Yeah I forgot. I rebuilt that POS motor 3 times. Drove it a total of 2 miles. Sold it to a GM shop foreman. He swapped a crap motor/tranny from a Sunfire into it. Wish Ihad thought of that after the second time……


    • I had a Fiat Spider convertible back in the 80’s. Second gear was out in the transmission and it went through clutch cables about every 500 miles or so. I got so I could change the cable in 15 minutes on the side of the road with a pair of pliers. Always carried a spare because I never knew when the cable would break. Drove the hell out of that car.


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