11 thoughts on “OMG! An Honest Woman!!

  1. remember 5 states or more away from the ex is always a wise move. and if the bitch shows up
    stick her ass on a non stop plane, not a bus or train. a plane.
    you can get off a bus or train but never from a non stop plane.
    DON’T ASK !! but the best 2 grand i ever spent.


  2. It took me a long time to figure out why the girls always go for the “bad boys”. Turns out, they’re hardwired that way. They perceive “bad boys” as Alpha, and they’ll always go for Alpha over whatever the modern concept of “gentleman” has become.
    I told my wife when I met her that I wanted a woman with a few miles on her who had learned to overcome her hardwiring and could appreciate a good thing that we could be. It hasn’t all been sweetness and light, but 32 years on, it’s worked out.

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    • “Bad Boys” Are not alphas in the classical sense, they just appear to look that way, they are gammas and sigmas. They have low esteem issues and think they are manly and cool by acting this way. Basically bullies and malcontents. Why women can’t see through that and reject them out of hand. I am like you Greg, I too want a mature and stable woman and few damn of those left. There is a reason why woman my age are single…


  3. Speaking of women, I just heard on the radio that some chick just became the first SEAL.
    Maybe it’s just me, but I have to wonder if it’s just a dude that dresses like a chick.



    • She isn’t a SEAL, she’s crewing on the attack boats that take the SEALs in.. of something like that. At least that’s what the article I read said.


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