It’s Here

The economic doom and gloom that has been flogged to death the last few years?


It’s here now.

Unofficial inflation numbers, gathered by using the methods our very own lying government used back in the 80’s is currently over 13%.

Officially it’s at over 5% like that isn’t bad enough.

The “Everything Bubble” is starting to show signs of bursting and the Fed has painted us all into a corner to the point that they can’t even raise interest rates to try and slow it down.

There is already so much deficit that the interest payment couldn’t handle it.

So what is their solution?

Print more money.

Get ready for runaway inflation people.

Oh yeah, and this.

Get ready for this.

LMFAO, right after I posted this I went net surfin on my usual run and ran across this.

Great minds really do think alike.

8 thoughts on “It’s Here

  1. I saw Pat Travers Band at a club in SanFran way back in ’77 or ’78 (memory that old is somewhat fuzzy). It was a power trio, Pat on guitar, bass and drums. Just amazing. And one more contributing factor to the raging case of tinnitus I have today.
    As for the impending hyperinflation, I’m busy converting fiat currency into durable goods. If the price of something doubles next year, that means what you bought this year is half price.


  2. I got my degree in 78 and entered the workforce as the Carter recession was building steam. I remember when inflation was rampant,. Jobs were scarce, pay shitty and the Prime Interest rate topped 18% ( which made mortgage rates exceed20%). What’s coming is going to make that era seem positively peachy.


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