For The Youngsters

I would be genuinely interested to know if anyone who stops by here has never heard this one.

It ain’t always about the Metal ya know.

Bonus track, these guys were way under rated back in the day.

“As I Said” and “Who’s Behind The Door” as presented originally on the album. One flows into the other.

One more for the closer.

“Take Your Fingers From My Hair”

If you want to kick back and enjoy a good old fashioned concert these guys kicked out from 1983…..

I can recommend this.

25 thoughts on “For The Youngsters

  1. Been a long time since I heard any of their stuff. It was OK, but not really my cup of tea.

    I did have this go through my head, earlier today, and thought – “Man, Phil would love this”.


    Whitehall, NY

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  2. Unless it is Perry Coumo or Benny Miller, Tommy Dorsey, of Merle Haggard, Johnny Cash, Patsy Cline, etc, it is all gibberish and satanic screeching…


  3. Throw in some Fastway and you/I might be able to talk.;-)
    But, my musical tastes run from Tom MacDonald through pure symphony/classical, and Disturbed through Twitty/Straight/Williams. EVERY channel on Sirius/XM gets a few minutes on some trips.


  4. I remember recording that off the local radio station back in…what ’86? Sheesh, I’m aging. Still good looking though, YAY!


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