But But, It Was Totally Legit Election Denier!

Maricopa County AZ.

Tip of the iceberg too.

Any doubts that the last Presidential election was rigged from the get go are about to be dashed on the rocks of reality.

Arizona,Georgia, Pennsylvania, Michigan and right on down the line are going to prove that beyond a shadow of a doubt.

My questions are related to what the fuck is going to happen after this all becomes undeniable fact and is going to no longer be able to be covered up or denied by the media and the current illegitimate administration.

They going to try to shift the blame to the Republicans like they do everything else?

Good luck with that one.

No, I see the political shit storm coming that will end the Democratic Party forever and leave many of those responsible unwilling to step out in the street for fear of their lives.

Seeing massive trials and long jail sentences isn’t going to enter the equation but I haven’t quite figured out how they are going to manage that trick yet.

My guess is that that outcome is what is being hammered out right now behind the scenes between the various factions of the Uni Party.

How they are going to make the rubes swallow it with a straight face.

On the other hand though, fraud vitiates everything.

If fraud is proven in the Arizona election then the whole shebang is Null and Void. It won’t matter if any other states find any at that point, the election is a bust.

That’s where things are REALLY going to get interesting and why the Democrats are shitting rings around themselves trying to derail this Arizona audit.

Me thinks it’s all over but the official count now though.

14 thoughts on “But But, It Was Totally Legit Election Denier!

  1. We will have too see. Only thing I have seen on our supposed news media is how idiotic we are to question the last election.

    Personally the only thing that will satisfy me is 4 particular Democrats in prison. Starting with Biden, the OBama and both Clinton’s. It could populate a whole new prison.


  2. I don’t see them letting it go that far before they will throw the kill switch and burn it all down.
    Think back to the months leading up to the China virus. There were people all around the world protesting.
    The EU was starting to spilt up, Hong Kong, Spain, Iran, the yellow vests in France. Yeah the scamdemic ended all that. Now, its starting all over again and the people of the world know much about what they’ve done. The elite will pull the plug and shut it all down then use the chaos as cover before they will ever allow themselves to be brought to justice.


  3. The media will report that the results are made up, that it was a fair election and the people looking for honesty are sore losers who should not be listened to. Just like they have been doing since the night of the election.
    They own the media & they might get away with it….they have so far.


    • Perfect !

      I was gonna say “It’s all moot anyway.”
      As we Witnessed before our very eyes.
      “Bloodless”, in Polly-Ticks Speak.
      Hard to tell to the Dead that though.


  4. To paraphrase Gen Giap when told Americans had won every battle in Vietnam…. “That may be so, but you lost the war.” We may win this battle…but the war was lost 4 1/2 years ago.


      • I wonder how many of the present-day U.S. Military personnel will be wearing those blue helmets after Pedo Joe turns over control of DoD to the U.N.


  5. Evil will not go quietly into that good night. They will lie, cheat, steal, Arkancide anybody they can, and it WILL take a bloody coup to get America Great Again. Come to think of it, that’s being done already, and more frequently. And, in the open, to boot!!

    The fourth box is nigh.


  6. And, in an unprecedented move, the Supreme Court has already issued its opinion on this matter. It’s a 7-page document, and the first page is just a giant “F”


  7. If Trump’s spokesmodel said it it, it must be true. As you know you can lie online and lie on TV but you can’t lie in court. That’s why Trump lost 60 court challenges to the election due to lack of evidence. Only a few of his lawyers were stupid enough to lie in court.

    And don’t forget to send him money because he’s so rich doesn’t need it.


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