12 thoughts on “They Say History Often Repeats Its Self

  1. better if they used a sports center or something and charge for tickets and pay per view for
    non local people. I bet we could make a dent in the debt ! have like ten or so ropes set up let each hang for say 10 minutes or so. mix real assholes with minor ones to keep the crowds charged up
    like. there are a ton of assholes that need hanging in and around the dc area as is.
    then have a different spot where people could spit or piss on the fuckers too- more money!!
    think about it, and after that’s done see if people want to pay to watch them burn or go thru a
    wood chipper.


  2. Use the overpasses in DC, and let the commuters see them hanging there. Betcha a bunch of those assholes turn around and go home.


  3. yeah. those anon asshole might as well say govt stooge.

    There have been some good tactical advices given of late. Keep your powder dry and be ready.

    There a lot of complicit asshole in this steal. If it is not fixed sooner it will be fixed later and with a lot more violence.


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