12 thoughts on “Make Absolutely Certain That They Play This Repeatedly At His Trial

  1. I heard this long ago. It pisses me off.Why no one did anything about it right after he said that is beyond my comprehension.


  2. That’s why “TINVOWOOT”. Our republic has ended. I think we all are waiting for “the other shoe to drop”. Maybe this door-to-door bullshit will do the trick.


    • The only lucid moment. If we all screamed at the rooftops when we all heard this it might have made a difference. The internet at that moment would have been very powerful for truth.


  3. OLD News. Nothing will come of it. The GUTLESS Opposition Party will not pursue this. Because they are AFRAID of what the DEMONRAT News Media will say bad things about them.


  4. We all know it, and these assfuks know we all know it, and yet here we are, all these months later and not one single congress critter has raised a fickle finger to do jack shit about it.
    Which says a lot about the pathetic lot of idiots we elect to represent us and our countries principles throughout the world. Everyone of these miserable scumbags needs to be introduced to the fertilizer gene pool. Got compost?


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