12 thoughts on “Don’t Fall For It

  1. Watch out miss Sandy, Cederq will think you’re talking about him! Though bulldogs, even the Frankish type like him, cannot ever be called *cute*. But, *acute* pain in the arse, yes.


  2. Sandy, how much can a koala bear? They do look pretty cute, but their carnivorous cousins the drop bears, whoa Nelly! They are why Aussies never drive rag-top cars like you Yanks. Just imagine pulling into a secluded spot for a quickie with your hot date, only for one of those howling blood-crazed banshees to drop from the branches above! The carnage, it just doesn’t *bear* contemplation.


  3. Shit oh dear Cederq, it’d be funny watching you try not to be eviscerated by a cranky eastern grey buck or old man red ‘roo. Those lhquid steel muscles in their legs can propel their bodyweight metres high, and propel the animal many metres across the ground for hours if under pursuit by a dingo pack. Their long claws help propel them to full speed, and will pierce a dogs gut wall to disembowel it quick smart. The bucks grip with their forearms, prop on that huge muscular tail, then lash out and down with both legs. If any standing water is atailable, they go to the deepest spot and hold dogs underwater with their forearms to drown them. A stubby-legged bulldog’s only hope will be to pretend to be a joey, a baby ‘roo. Your new mum could put you in her marsupial pouch, carry you around the bush and let you eat grass all day. Otherwise, those buck ‘roos would use you as a ball, to kick around for a game of footy.


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