Something Our Domestic Commie Bastards Should Maybe Keep In Mind

Peter over at Bayou Renaissance Man posted a phenomenon that is a pretty damned good tactic to be used against enemies with superior technology.

Take out the people who actually use it.

A few dead operators will most certainly have the word go around that maybe they aren’t as all powerful as they would like to believe.

It takes a lot of training to have just one guy be able to use the high tech goodies we have for offensive weaponry in this country.

Add to that the ridiculously long list of people who also have to have specific training to support that one guy who can actually use that high tech toy.

Take any one link out of that chain and it throws the whole ball of wax into an uproar.

I’m tellin’ ya, these ass clowns have absolutely no fucking clue as to the hornets nest they keep stirring up.

41 thoughts on “Something Our Domestic Commie Bastards Should Maybe Keep In Mind

  1. I got banned from a ‘site’ years ago for suggesting high powered lasers in the eyes of drone pilots. Sight it like a rifle, and by the time it’s done they’re definitely NOT recognizing their attacker. Or the wall. Of the car they’re headed towards in the other lane.
    “Other” pilots are the same. “Other” people are the same. “Other” video or surveillance are the same. Very easily removed from the equation by a simple 3-4W laser. Or a bit more complex 40+W one, repurposed from one of those watercooled ebay CO2 laser tubes that can be powered by a small backpack.
    If someone were so inclined, that is.

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    • If they are playing, they are fair game, I don’t care they are behind enemy lines. They are and their families legitimate targets, you don’t think our families are safe? TPTB have already drawn first blood and have targeted families, ask the Weavers.

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  2. The hornets nest has been poked four or five times, the next poke is gonna dislodge the nest and a whole new level of nastiness is gonna come out and open up a can of tarnished whoop ass! It will be epic… New levels of maim and dismemberment, I don’t plan on leaving my slain enemies recognizable.

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    • Yes indeed, introduce them to the fertilizer gene pool. The average combatant you may go against is not the hard to defeat. As has been recently observed by the elimination of active forces in the “Stan”. the Taliban is still in charge. It only becomes much more difficult when they engage technology. It’s a lot harder fighting drones flown and controlled from 3-4 thousand miles away. But consider that the Taliban did it. And the thing is, to defeat technology you have to defeat its source. Everything has to come and originate from somewhere, and it’s all run by a power source. Eliminate the source. Use the Natural world and what it provides.


  3. Go read up on the 1986-87 “Toyota War” between Chad and Libya. Libya invaded Chad with a heavily mechanized army. Chad stomped the shit out of them by running around like a bunch of maniacs in French provided Toyota Pick Up trucks taking out supply lines and attacking weak points but never directly attacking Libyan armor. The stats in Wikipedia (for whatever that’s worth) say Libya lost 7500 men or 10% of its army and $1.5 billion worth of military equipment. Chad lost 1000 men.


    • Every one of them as to sleep and eat somewhere. Most of them have families and friends. Most of them have a car or truck. Girlfriends, boyfriends, aunts, uncles, grandparents…..

      They truly know not what they do.

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  4. Any army’s supply and/or support train is their Achilles heel. Planes and coptor’s don’t fly without jet fuel, a lot of jet fuel. They also don ‘t fly while ingesting FOD. Army’s can’t fight without ammo. An M-4 without bullets isn’t even a very good club. Beans, bullets, bandaids are essential to winning any war. As to drones, the drone flyers are vulnerable. However, they’re buried behind layers of security, so attacking them would be difficult, especially without armored vehicles. They can’t do their jobs without electricity and substations can’t do their electric conversion with out transformers, which are very hard to replace.


    • Better the Red Dawn folk than the Red Brigade folk.

      By the way, the Red Dawn folk have been very restrained towards the Red Brigade folk, because the Red Dawn folk understand that when the ON button is pushed, there’s no going back. Ever.

      And did you know the NY legislatures just signed into law the ability to quarantine folk away from their homes in case of a ‘health crisis?’ And that ‘gun violence’ (meaning owning guns) is now a ‘health crisis?’

      Hmmmm…. Funny that. This is in a state where when the government said “Turn them in” the non-city folk said “F-U!!!!!”

      Yeah. Red Dawn folk. We’uns understand. We’uns are watching.

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    • Well, beavis, it seems the old geriatric crowd is the only ones who have had with most of the older young men that have had military training, we don’t crawl to our safe places and get triggered, we know how to use a trigger. We just don’t want to live in your socialist utopia, we paid attention and learned from history because we lived it. Now, you get to repeat it because you stupid…


  5. Cederq, would that be as in: Herbert; J. Edgar; or the vac? The only thing that I suck is cold beer. BTW, you wouldn’t believe the shit I picked up on Deathray, no wonder he’s scared of Nurse Sandy! It’s a sad tale, really.


  6. NOW is the time to be identifying targets, acquiring Intel on sure those targets live and work, what they drive and who they are related to. One thins by nasty the high value targets will be sequestered on guarded bases….that means you must go after their relatives. The .Gov can’t house and feed EVERYONE these targets care about. The commie left has only one rule…..WIN….bynany means required. To defeat the. WE must stop worrying about being fair. Three are no rules in a war…and the left declared war on America decades ago.


  7. Cederq, Deathray has been spinning his old Aerosmith discs, since Sandy said that she likes them. Still got his headphones on, can’t hear the bear at the door. Tucker: food, don’t you understand anything but swamp lingo? Esky: propietary brand name of ice coolers, long since used as a generic term for all such items.


  8. alunt, that is a very deep-bodied falfot that WordPress awarded you, they must think you’re Celtic. I’ve noticed that a lot lately, variations a theme of swastika, Hakenkreuz, falfot and Odin’s war hammer. Is a woke WordPress gnome taking the piss with Phil’s blog?


  9. You have a drone army? That’s nice, Uncle.
    We have Clyde. He does maintenance on the base, and he has a six-pack of soda cans in his picnic cooler, all loaded with home-brew thermite and magnesium ribbons, which he bought on Amazon for under $100, and made at his kitchen table during commercial breaks.
    So tell us, Uncle F-15s and Nukes, how many drone control pods do you have next week ??
    How about week after that??
    How long do they take to build?
    What about Clyde’s cousin, who works at the drone control trailer factory, and his friend Bubba, who works graveyard shift gate security there?

    Still wanna play ball, Scarecrow?” – 80M Americans just looking for an excuse to open the ball and start the dance


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