Them Damn Duke Boys Are Back

This is one of those times ya wish a GIF file had sound.

I’d love to hear that Hemi screaming as it went by.

24 thoughts on “Them Damn Duke Boys Are Back

        • I bought a 68 Charger with what I believe the guy told me was a 383 Magnum.
          I don’t remember shit about the engine other than it was faster than hell.
          I was driving trucks when I bought the car, and I got it with an automatic.
          My brother and friends all laughed their asses off at me for that but I got a belly full of shifting everyday.
          It was automatic but I remember that the speedometer went to 150, and I know that was no bullshit.


          • The 1 ton service trucks I used to drive were all manual transmissions. I used to hate pushing that heavy ass clutch on those things. Made my hip joint ache.


  1. I would one day see your Sprite do that in a round-about… Oh, and my ’68 had the 383 with a big 4 barrel and had a 4 speed with a 3.92 ass end, would haul ass and caught ass too.


  2. <y 1969 Charger R/T had the 440 and a TorqueFlite. Even with a limited slip rear end, it would smoke those little F-70/14's for BLOCKS. In fact, it got boring after a while. And so did replacing tires that would barely go 10,000 miles…..


  3. When I was about sixteen, I saw Catharine Bach at “World of Wheels” car show n Birmingham, AL. They had a “General Lee” on display right below her podium where she was sitting and signing autographs (Oh yeah I got one and got my picture made with her!). She took questions from the audience and made various comments about he “Dukes of Hazzard” series which was probably at it’s peak at that time. I cannot remember the number of “General Lee’s” the production company owned, but it was astounding. They had some for the jumps, crashes, and then the ones the Duke boys drove for the closeups. She said they all had 440 C.I.D. engines. I know the ’69 Chargers were offered in the 318. 383, 440, and 426 Hemi C.I.D. One four barrel or two were available as options and greatly effected the horsepower ratings. The 1969 was the first year a six cylinder engine was option. However, only 500 were produced (made nearly as much sense as “no alcohol” beer). The 68’s, 69’s, and 1970 models were beautiful cars.
    When I was kid I always liked the MOPARS. In the small town near where I was raised there was on guy who owned to Superbirds (440 Colossal engines available with 3-2 barrel carbs or 2-4 barrels/not sure which configuration his were). These cars would run 200 mph off the show room floor. Imagine if we had the fuel injection systems of today on these machines.
    A funny story is some guys down the road from where I was raised bought a 1970 Superbee with 440 engine that had 2-4 barrel carburetors, 4-speed with a pistol grip shifter. Like most Dodge/Chrysler and Plymouths of that day it registered 150 mph on the speedometer. The night after they had just purchased the car, they outran the “law” all over the county and twisted the speedometer cable clean into. The car was a local legend for years.


  4. I had a ’69 Dodge Coronet 4dr with a 440cid and a six pack set up. It was an unmarked Alabama State police car which was driven by a LT or Captain and was in surprisingly clean state. It sported the police interceptor package. It was a dog getting off the line but when those secondary and tertiary carbs lite up I was passing every swing dong with a Firebird, Camaro, ‘Vette and Goat. I bought it off a police auction with 38,000 miles on the odo , it had a 140MPH speedo.

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    • 72 Chevy Caprice with fender skirts and a 400 ci for me in TX. What a sled.

      Friend next door thought his brand new IRoc Camaro was hot shit because it had air intake flaps on the hood that opened up when he floored it. He spotted me on the freeway, gestured “let’s go – it’s on” and I took him up on it. I let him go for about a quarter mile, then blew his doors off. He stopped crowing about his ride after that, especially after I told him the No. 7 cylinder was fouled and didn’t fire.


  5. They are putting traffic circles in place all over Texas. I call the one near our house “Hickadilly circus”. So far they mostly cause confusion. They had to put huge piles of rock in the middle because of the people just driving straight across. The ones we have are not really big enough to get a good drift going.


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