Like I Haven’t Had Enough Trauma In My Life?

As I mentioned yesterday, I received a box of pictures that is full of stuff that goes all the way back to my Dad’s childhood that I have been kinda going through.

I dug into it a bit again earlier while I was drinking some coffee trying to get fully awake. and ran across one that I really wish I hadn’t.

It’s obviously from the early 70’s and it’s a picture of my Dad standing in the front room of the house we lived in down in North Bend Oregon after we moved down there from Portland.

I recognized the cabinets and he is standing next to the very same wall phone that I remember him talking to the President of the United States of America from one night.

Except this picture is way different.

He is standing there stark fucking nekkid.

With his little tallywhacker dangling and all.

Other than the fact that I now know that genetics really is a thing, I could have went all damned day without that.

Ya know?

But there was no fucking way that I was going to be the only one to suffer that kind of mental damage.

So I took a picture of it with my phone and sent it to my brother.

Have a nice day buddy.

18 thoughts on “Like I Haven’t Had Enough Trauma In My Life?

  1. I knew I was getting old when I realized that there were many things I did NOT want to see, and had no curiosity about anymore. Like the fact that I have absolutely no recollection of ever seeing my parents in a compromising situation. And I have eight YOUNGER siblings.


    • Same here Greg until the day my brother and me walked into the house and needed my dad’s old bolt action 22 and walked into our parents in delecto… we stopped and our jaws dropped a foot. My mom, ever the prankster looked up at us and said, “Next?” My dad blew a cork at my brother and I and chased our ass out into the back yard and was going to whip our hides, but the dangling particulate got the better of him and that the neighbors might see him…


    • My Dad was a union rep. and it had something to do with a labor dispute. I’m sure someone from the International gave him the number. He wound up working his way up to being an international rep for the Operating Engineers before he retired and actually had to move back to the DC area so he could lobby Congress.
      The best part is that people back there would give him funny looks and turn up their nose at him for the longest time when he would introduce himself.
      It took him a long time to figure out why. You have heard of Former Congressman Ron Paul?
      The one all the In Crowd hates so much and thinks is a whack job?
      That was my Dad’s name too.


  2. Mom liked to get naked. (And nekkid with the right person.) So I know where I got it. No pictures tho, thank goodness. But, when I die and my kids start going through the old pictures …


  3. That is enough talk about Phil’s body bits. The only pics the keen readers want to see are of Sandy, in her Naughty Nurse outfit. Other nurses are welcome to display their wares too, so long as they’re female type nurses; Cederq need not apply!


    • “Cheap Thrills” by Zappa.
      “Cheap thrills in the back of my car
      Cheap thrills, how fine they are
      Cheap thrills up and down my spine
      I need it, I need it, ’cause it feels so fine”


  4. I was fortunate enough to have held onto my dad as he passed from my life. As were three of my sibs. We felt the last beat of his heart, He died 2 hours short of his 90th birthday. I was unfortunate enough to be called back into his room to answer a question from his nurse as she cleaned him for the mortician. No one should have to see his dads junk at that moment. Sad.


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