Yeah. I’ll Just Keep My Old Chevy Thanks.

When I watched this it brought back a memory from the early 80’s of a friend of mine down in San Jose.

He wasn’t very big, like me he was kind of skinny and he had this monster 69 Chevy Station Wagon that he was working on. The thing had to weigh two tons if it weighed an ounce.

It’s been so long now I don’t remember exactly what the hell he was messing with but I will never forget that whatever it was pissed him off so bad that he lost his shit.

There was about a four foot long hunk of 2X4 laying nearby and in the middle of a cuss storm he reached down, snatched up that hunk of board and just started WAILING on the drivers side front fender with it.

I’m standing there laughing my ass off because that 2X4 was just bouncing off the damn fender, not even scratching the ugly old green paint and that just pissed him off even more.

Try that on one of these new Econo Boxes sometime and see what happens.

I’ve seen hoods cave in just by someone sitting on them.

6 thoughts on “Yeah. I’ll Just Keep My Old Chevy Thanks.

  1. When I inherited my dad’s Toyota Tundra I found out how big a POS it is. The starter is under the intake manifold and the solenoid takes a dump at 70K miles. Even though it was a 4×4 it had open diffs. I fixed the rear when I bent the rear axle by swapping a LS axle in. Who knew jumping a curb would bend an axle? Then there was the open gas cap emissions code. New gas cap, new hoses to the tank, and still no joy. I could reset the code and it would run 3 to 5 weeks and come back. The dealership tried 5 times to fix it with no luck. I only got charged $125 for the first attempt and the last time they were offering big trade in numbers as they could not fix it,


  2. When I was about 14 dad had me take his 1956 International pickup to the barnyard to gas it up. Yes, he had a @ 300 gallon “farm use” gas tank and he illegally gassed the vehicles from it on occasion. I’d call the FBI myself but he’s been dead 46 years. Anyway, my foot slipped off the clutch and that torquey straight six didn’t die but swung the truck into a big locust fence post and put a football sized dent in a front fender, deep. Oh! Wasn’t he pissed at me for denting his very clean (especially for an Ohio vehicle) 15-16 year old truck? He got a 3 lb. hammer and sweated, and pounded, and cussed me for 5 minutes trying to knock that dent back out. He actually got it pretty good; mad, cussing, and just a wailing on the real freaking steel on that old truck. I have that hammer and think of that every time I see it let alone use it. And trust me, the way he was going after it, that hammer would go Through any modern vehicle.

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